Two Rockville High School students have been charged with the rape of one of their fellow classmates, according to Montgomery County Police.

Jose O. Montano17, and Henry E. Sanchez, 18, are accused of raping the victim in the school bathroom Thursday during school hours.

School administrators contacted Montgomery County Police after the girl told them she had been sexually assaulted in a boy’s bathroom by two male students.

The victim was walking in the school hallway when she was approached by the suspects. Montano asked the victim to walk them, he then asked the girl to engage in sexual intercourse. She refused.

After asking a second time, Montango forced the victim into a stall in the boy’s bathroom. The suspects then proceeded to rape the girl, according to police.

The suspects were arrested on school property and charged with first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offense.

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Comments (5)
  1. Noobie Rb says:

    Time to emasculate these vermin.

  2. Dan Streazy says:

    How is this not a front page story?

  3. The story fails to mention that both students are illegal aliens, protected because of the sanctuary city policy defies federal law. This is not said to demonize the alleged rapists, but merely a statement of fact.

  4. Isn’t this same area that is pushing to protect illegals such as these two boys that raped this girl? To show their real support, EVERYONE that voted in favor of becoming a sanctuary city should have to register to take these kind of illegals that ran into trouble and they want to protect them from prosecution for the rapes, murders, DUI’s and so on. So both of these boys should be IMMEDIATELY released into the custody of one of the Democrats that support these child rapist. They should not have ANY secuirty either tax payer paid for or their own as we would not want these illegals to feel as they did anything wrong. Just free roam of the house of any of the registered Democrats that voted for sanctuary. Put your money, your safety, your kids and your wife/mistress in harms way, prove that you REALLY support your idiotic choice. If anything happens to their family, they should face no consequencess, at no time should Fed support or even local law enforcement be called.

    Democrats are putting the lives and safety of American families at risk. The Democrats SUPPORT these child rapists, and if they had their way they would be free to continue to commit felonies.

    I can support this, now start the Democrat registration of all the elected officials that voted for sanctuary !

  5. The voters that put the current Dems who are pushing for sanctuary have blood on their hands and as guilty. They allowed for this to happen in the first place by supporting those that support illegals to run wild in our Country. This poor girl didn’t deserve this, but the voters in this area sealed her fate!

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