By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Wide receiver Terrelle Pryor is, thus far, the jewel of the Washington Redskins’ free agent class. He filled a gaping hole in a high-powered offense and arrives on a one-year, prove-it deal.

Since signing with the team on March 10, he has been a fan’s dream, expressing confidence in the team and showcasing how hard he is working out this offseason.

Each day, as he works on another aspect of his game, he posts video on Twitter of his workout. Here he is working on speed, from Thursday:

Here he is working on agility and footwork, outside in the weather, presumably somewhere near his native Pittsburgh, or near his alma mater in Ohio:

Then there’s extensive footage of Pryor lifting weights, both squats and dumbbell fly presses:

You have to love that Optimus Pryor shirt.

Then there’s the entire video collection of him working on honing his craft as a receiver. It’s impressive:

Remember that this is a guy who came into the NFL as a quarterback. We still haven’t seen the best of Pryor as a receiver.

Speaking of quarterbacks, guess who Pryor has as his practice signal caller? She may not be what you expected:

All of this is just the video footage he has posted since signing with the Redskins last week. Going back further on his Twitter timeline shows that this is a large percentage of the content he posts.

As the ravenous fan base tunes up for the draft and offseason workouts, this is great news. If there’s just one thing we would ask, it’s that you please shoot the video in landscape (horizontal). Let’s see the full extension on the dumbbell flies, or a closer look at his downfield catches.

It’s a Snapchat world, but Twitter still puts the awful black bars on the side of any video shot in portrait (vertically). So do us a favor, Optimus Pryor, and keep the horizontal footage coming.


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