By Bryan Frantz


As of early Friday morning, the protest is off to a not-great start.

WASHINGTON — Many Redskins fans are horrified with the way the franchise has handled matters recently. Now, they’re planning to do something about it.

For proof of the discontent, just check social media. It’s riddled with complaints about how owner Dan Snyder and president Bruce Allen have dealt with quarterback Kirk Cousins and general manager Scot McCloughan. When 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen reported the Redskins had rejected a three-year deal worth less than $60 million last year, which was reportedly offered by Cousins’ camp, the anger grew. (See the station’s and Paulsen’s mentions for reference. Warning: The profanity is heavy.)

So now, fans are doing something about it. A “March on Ashburn” is scheduled for Friday at 8 a.m. at Redskins Park, per the Facebook event. At time of posting, 17 people are listed as going while 58 are listed as “interested.”

Due to the inconvenient scheduling — “protesting the Redskins’ management” has probably been used as an excuse from work before, but not many employers would accept that one — the event has been converted to a two-day event. Round 2 of the march starts at 8 a.m. Saturday and is expected to last until about 11 a.m.

A profanity-laced Reddit post on r/Redskins offers four ways to help protest the team and its leaders: Email the team (link), tweet the team (and McCloughan’s wife and various beat reporters), call the team (301-276-6800) and show up to the March on Ashburn (with Reddit Gold as additional incentive).

Free agency officially opens at 4 p.m. Thursday, yet the morning has been dominated by negative press surrounding Washington. The biggest remaining question now is how the team will respond, if it does at all.


Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, tweeted out the following in support of the protest.

Ohanian also linked to the following Reddit post, in which the poster says s/he “will be giving away two tickets to any time for the 2017 season.” In order to win, one must attend the march and take a picture with a piece of paper saying “Reddit support’s (sic) Scot /u/yourusername” and send it to /u/anthnybraz by March 13.

An important disclosure: The only way the tickets will be given away is if either Scot McCloughan is not let go, or if Bruce Allen’s role is reduced.

In the post’s comments, Ohanian (/u/kn0thing) responded with this: “You inspired me. I’ll throw in a ticket for every single 2017 season home game: 8 regular and two pre-season.”

There’s suddenly extrinsic motivation to attend the march.

For the record, in the two hours or so that have passed since the original posting, the numbers on the Facebook event have increased from 17 people going and 58 interested to 52 going and 188 interested.

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