It’s that glorious time of year again. No, we’re not talking about March Madness… we’re talking about Vasectomy Madness! We are giving you the chance to win a vasectomy procedure surgery, performed by Dr. Kelly Chiles from The GW Medical Faculty Associates: Urology Department.

We asked listeners to tell us why they deserved to win a vasectomy procedure. After trimming the gene pool, three finalists — Mike, Abe and Charles — were invited in-studio to share their stories.

You have chosen a winner with your votes…

Congrats to Abe from Warrenton!

Abe wins a pre-operative assessment and consultation, the vasectomy procedure, and aftercare, including a semen analysis in two to three months.

Abe’s Story

I’ve tried for a boy 4 times; having my 4th child in July. I’m 38 years old and and was actually in the market for a procedure after our 3rd was born; the last one being a surprise. Thought it was an omen; its not. 4th girl due in July. I am the only male (including our female dog) in a household full of estrogen drama. A buddy of mine, my neighbor, has three girls, same ages as mine and is having a 4th a month before my 4th is due….his is a boy. I’m happy for him…really.

The other brave souls…

vasectomy madness finalists Vasectomy Madness Champion Crowned!

Vasectomy Madness Finalists (from left to right): Mike, Charles, Abe

Mike from Leesburg

I’m 1 in 700 where a vasectomy wasn’t effective birth control. After having 3 kids within 5 years, it was an easy decision to get snipped. Had it done in August 2015. Apparently I have super sperm and we’re now expecting kid No. 4 on March 8th. Need another snip and money for college!

Charles from King George

I am a 41 year old father of 4 kids, ages 19, 18, 12 (years) and 5 months by 3 different mothers. Due to the cost of the procedure and my low budget company insurance I cannot afford to get one.

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