WASHINGTON — Redskins President Bruce Allen made the radio rounds at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis Thursday.

Amid reports and speculation about Scot McCloughan’s absence from the combine, Allen was asked, during an appearance on Nashville’s 104.5 The Zone, about his general manager.

“I’d be remiss if I don’t ask,” the host said. “What’s up with Scot McCloughan, who doesn’t talk to the media and has been behind the scenes? There are rumors out there that he’s away from the team and we know he’s talked about his battle with alcohol in the past, and you’ve got people in D.C. speculating that something’s up there. Is he okay?”

“Yeah, Scot’s a great guy,” Allen said. “Anyone who knows him know he’s a great guy. He’s dealing with some family matters right now. His grandmother died a week or so ago, so he’s dealing with that right now.”

McCloughan’s grandmother, Marie Bessie McCloughan, died on Feb. 6, according to an obituary in his hometown newspaper, the Loveland (Colo.) Reporter-Herald. The paper reported that the funeral was scheduled for Feb. 13.

106.7 The Fan reported Wednesday evening that McCloughan was “sent home from the team on Feb. 20,” and he has not attended the combine.

McCloughan said the report that he’d been ordered to stay away from Redskins Park on Feb. 20 was “not true.” He said it would “take seven days” to go through the funeral process for his grandmother.

On Thursday, even though no local outlets had reported McCloughan had been fired, a source knocked down any such rumors to CSN Mid-Atlantic, telling JP Finlay, “It’s all bullsh–, he’s not fired.”

“Everything else, he’s in place and doing everything that you guys hired him to do?” The Zone host asked.

“Yeah. Once again, if you’ve ever met Scot and know his family — his father and his brother were on our Raiders staff in Oakland — they’re about football and they’re about scouting,” Allen said. “And as soon as the family matters are cleared up, we’ll be okay.”

Allen was also asked to address the decision to franchise tag Kirk Cousins for the second straight season.

“Is it true that a team can come out after the draft and decide they’d like to make an offer, so you technically have to plan for life with or without him even though you franchised him?” the host asked.

“First of all, no, we franchised him the exclusive franchise,” Allen said. “We wanted to end all this scuttlebutt of trades and the rumor mill about that, so he has the exclusive franchise tag, which means no one can talk to him before or after the draft.”

Allen echoed this sentiment during an interview on SiriusXM’s NFL radio.

“We tried last year to sign an extension and we just didn’t get it done,” Allen went on to say. “We’re back at it now and our goal is to sign him long term. We’ve told him that. He’s said he wants that. So it’ll just take some time and we’ll get it done.”

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