By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — High fives in basketball are handed out freely in basketball–some would argue too freely. Make a free throw? High five. Miss a free throw? High five. Come off the court? High five. Spend the night on the bench? High five.

But Washington Wizards center/power forward Jason Smith is in a high five drought, and it is painful to watch.

Whether teammates are actively icing him out, it’s just a matter of bad luck or bad timing, Smith was forced to take drastic measures in Friday night’s game vs. the Philadelphia 76ers.

Watch it and try not to cringe (via @SBNation):

The disappointment is palpable. This clip, set to early 2000’s punk rock, captures the mood perfectly (via @CSNWizards):

As @recordsANDradio astutely pointed out, this is not the first time that Smith has been left out of the high five line this season. This is turning into a Tom Brady high five situation:

The good news is that Smith seemed more prepared tonight. No more flexing his fingers into a fist, pretending he was stretching. He came to his own rescue tonight, the mark of a true champion.

That alone is worthy of a high five.


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