By Bryan Frantz

(Warning: This post contains crude language and suggestive emojis.)

WASHINGTON — JaVale McGee, former Wizard, tends to bring up some pretty strong reactions among Wizards fans.

The athletically gifted big man had some bright moments in Washington, but for the most part he was an enormous disappointment as he failed to live up to his incredible potential. Along the way, he made more head-scratching plays than maybe any player in Washington basketball history — and he was in the District for less than four seasons.

He has, not surprisingly, become a mainstay on the NBA on TNT segment Shaqtin’ A Fool, which highlights the most boneheaded plays made in the NBA. It’s become a running joke that seemingly every time a new episode of Shaqtin’ A Fool comes out, the former Wizard makes an appearance.

So when Shaquille O’Neal put out his latest rip on McGee, formerly of the Wizards, Nuggets, Sixers and Mavericks, and currently with the Golden State Warriors, nobody was really surprised. And frankly, this one was pretty clever.

However, this running joke quickly became serious. McGee responded on Twitter early Friday morning, using a slew of angry words and emojis to express to the legendary center that he was tired of the jokes.

He was not done responding. He tweeted three times about other things — the night’s win, life being good, hard work, etc. — then he went back at Shaq.

That’s about the time the namesake of Shaqtin’ A Fool stepped in to defend his name.

And we’re off!

And then Shaq threw out his final jab.

We live in bizarre times.

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