By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Without any real news being made, it has been a wild week for DeSean Jackson.

Minutes after the Super Bowl ended on Sunday, the Washington Redskins’ Instagram account posted a picture of the faces of the franchise declaring it a new year.

Notably present was soon-t0-be free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins. Notably absent was soon-to-be free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

So D-Jax made a rare offseason appearance at Redskins Park and worked out in the gym. It’s unclear if he spoke with team officials about a new contract (he had not as of Tuesday), but he did speak with about his desire to stay in Washington.

“I do want to still be here,” Jackson told Stephen Czarda. “My family and my house, I have everything here and I don’t want to be in a transaction and move.

“First things first, I do want to be here and hopefully we can make it work.”

With any statement that strong, there is always a “but,” and Jackson did not disappoint.

“But once again this is a business so things happen,” he said. “I’m just really excited about the opportunity I have to sit and now the ball’s in my corner a little bit and see what we can do.

“I’m just excited and I’m going to let my agent care of all that. Ready to just sit back and whatever offers come in but obviously like I said I do want to be here.”

This is just talk until the negotiations happen, and no one will ever know what is said behind closed doors. It’s possible that the team does not want him back, or wants him back at a discount. It’s possible that Jackson doesn’t want to come back, or won’t come back at a discount.

Either way, at least Jackson is putting on a good public face, and seems to be taking his family and teammates into consideration.

“I still feel like I’m 26 and I can still run with those young dudes,” Jackson said. “I’m really at that point now where free agency is a big year for me in my career and where I am. …But wherever it takes me, I still feel like I’m going to put in the work, run fast and do that acrobatic thing I’ve been doing throughout my career.”


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