By Bryan Frantz


It was only a matter of time. It’s Inauguration Day for one of the most controversial president-elects in history, but the Junkies still have a show to do, and John Feinstein still has a weekly spot to fulfill.

These circumstances created the perfect storm for Friday morning’s spot, when Feinstein joined the Junkies to talk Terrapins, Capitals, Wizards and more. But Jason “Lurch” Bishop couldn’t help but take a little jab at the acclaimed writer to open the segment. That’s when things got weird.

The internet obviously took notice.

The people were torn: Who was in the right? Was everybody wrong? (Most people sided with the Junkies, but in all fairness, it is their show.)

For what it’s worth, 106.7 The Fan’s own Grant Paulsen had one take that trumped them all (sorry).

“I think it was the greatest Junkies moment in 21 years.”

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  1. I echo the sentiment that 106.7 hosts need to scale back on their political “hot takes”.

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