By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Bryce Harper doesn’t seem pleased with the findings of a report about the Nationals’ offseason spending.

Former Nationals GM Jim Bowden reported Wednesday Washington has interest in free agents Matt Wieters (Orioles) and Greg Holland (Royals), but added the caveat that the organization being over budget for its new spring training facility in West Palm Beach may be holding them back.

That’s all well and good, and maybe Bowden is grasping at straws. Or maybe he isn’t, and really does have a well placed source.

True or not, Bryce Harper doesn’t seem to care. His vote is for spending money on free agents, not siphoning it off for ballpark funding or, in other words, he’s questioning if his organization has its priorities straight.

Their newly acquired center fielder, Adam Eaton, agrees.

This is whatever it is you want to make of it. One thing it is for certain: The star slugger just publicly called for his club to spend more money.

And he’s rallied the support of at least one teammate.

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  1. Dan O'Neil says:

    And he’s willing to give up how much of that $13m, one-year paycheck to get this done? Over the past several years, we’ve been lucky to have owners who allow the players to play. Perhaps the players need to stay out of the office. I do, however, commend Bryce for his zeal and his love for this team.

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