By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — If the Redskins were hoping to get the Giants’ backups Sunday, they’re out of luck.

Ben McAdoo told reporters on Wednesday he does not intend to rest his starters in the final game of the regular season, despite his Giants already clinching a Wild Card spot in the playoffs. The Redskins need to beat the Giants to secure their own playoff spot, otherwise their season is over.

“The 53-man roster,” McAdoo said when asked who will play Sunday. “We’ll activate 46 and we’ll go from there. The whole…the starters are going to play. I don’t know any other way to do it.”

When asked how long the starters will play, McAdoo said, “They’re going to play the game.”

McAdoo wouldn’t clarify despite reporters’ best efforts to pry a little more detail. When asked if Giants starters would play the entire game, he simply offered, “The game, yes. The game.”

McAdoo believes not resting players helps build a more “physical, heavy-handed, tough road team” for the playoffs.

That’s fine by DeSean Jackson, who led all Redskins receivers with 114 yards on five catches in Saturday’s 41-21 win over the Bears, which put the Redskins back in control of their own playoff destiny.

“I want their best shot,” Jackson said. “Hopefully they do. Hopefully we’ll be able to get into one of those great battles.”

“I think we’re buying in,” said Giants receiver Victor Cruz. “I think we understand that we’re all…we’re going into the game knowing and thinking that we’re all going to play and going in with that mindset and going in with the mindset of defeating a division rival and taking it from there. I don’t think, you know, at least [Ben McAdoo] doesn’t want to put it in our heads that, you know, someone is not going to play or whatever the case may be because you want to keep everybody mentally into the game and making sure that we’re coming in all everything and all guns blazing and take it from there.”

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