By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — It’s the classic question: what would you do for the ones you love if you finally turned pro, won the lottery, or hit the big promotion?

For Washington Redskins rookie safety Su’a Cravens, that list might be extensive. But we now know that it included buying his parents a new car and truck for Christmas:

Cravens is originally from Murrieta, California, and he’s a long way from home in Washington, D.C. The team did not get back to D.C. until late on Christmas Eve, so it’s unclear if he made it back to California in time to deliver the gifts in person, or if this was arranged by someone local.

But either way, this is a great gesture, and certainly a great feeling of satisfaction for a rookie who has already exceeded expectations, professionally.

Cravens was drafted with the 53rd overall pick, but was slated to be a hybrid safety/linebacker. This is a relatively new concept, as that type of jack-of-all-trades player struggled to find the field in the past.

But Cravens earned his playing time and made an immediate impact. Through Week 3, he was Pro Football Focus’ No. 5 ranked rookie, as he played even in a limited role. As that role expanded over the duration of the season, so did the chance for injury, playing in a linebacker role near the line of scrimmage.

That’s part of why Cravens will be moving to safety in 2017, a move that should upgrade the position and give him the long-term, full-time role that maximizes his talents.

In the meantime, it’s nice that he can share the spoils of his success with people that mattered most throughout his development into the NFL.


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