By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — With a 42-24 lead and 2:26 remaining in the game, the Washington Redskins could finally let their emotions get the best of them, in one of the biggest wins in recent memory.

It was revenge for the 2015 Wild Card game against these same Green Bay Packers at FedExField. It was getting a longstanding monkey off their backs in primetime games. And it was a total team victory that could have come derailed but didn’t.

Suffice it to say, different members of the Redskins handled the moment differently.

Cornerback Josh Norman found the nearest cameraman on the sidelines and head-bonked the lens. That had to feel good for whoever’s eye was on the other end of that:

Meanwhile, receiver Pierre Garcon, who had his best performance since 2014, got his hands on one of the cheese hats near the team bench on the sidelines. He then cut the cheese, so to speak:

And then there was team owner Daniel M. Snyder, who has been front and center in the owner’s suite for many a tragic ending on Sunday, Monday and Thursday Night Football. But tonight was not that night.

As the Redskins tacked on their final score of the evening, Snyder let loose, pounding his fist, waving his arms and bobbing his head to the sweet tune “Jump Around” by House of Pain, circa 1992:

Quarterback Kirk Cousins was less of his “You Like That!” persona and back to being blissfully boring. He exited the field with as much fanfare as a commuter at a toll plaza:

Heck, even the Redskins’ Twitter account got excited with the game in hand, using Aaron Rodgers’ game-sealing interception to linebacker Martrell Spaight as an excuse to break out this Key and Peele meme:

So whether you play on offense or defense, write the checks or just the tweets, a win of this magnitude on Sunday Night Football is a good excuse to celebrate.


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  1. So basically, as a true fan and journalist assigned to cover the team, you were too busy scrolling social media instead of actually watching the game. How do I know? Aaron Rodgers wasn’t in the game under center when that interception was thrown…Brett Hundley was. That being said, the trolling by our beloved team’s Twitter account makes them look foolish and aloof. Something you each have in common. Or, YOU are the reign holder for the awful Twitter account of the Redskins.

    Also, where do I send my 3 easy payments of $19.95 to get my Journalism degree? Anyone can screenshot other peoples’ social media accounts and add in their own descriptive nonsense. A little less time on social media and more time actually paying attention to the game and being original in your craft would warrant unexpected results, like *gasp*, respectable content. Keep this one in the circle file; garbage.

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