WASHINGTON — A day after hundreds of students staged a peaceful protest at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, another large protest is taking place in the District.

Hundreds of students walked out of school at Woodrow Wilson Senior High School, in the Tenleytown neighborhood, Tuesday morning in protest of President Elect Donald Trump.

Students from several other school joined them, and they continued on to Trump’s D.C. hotel and the Capitol.

Kimberly Martin, principal of Wilson, sent out a memo to the students and parents of the school regarding the walkout. The memo states it is an unsanctioned protest and students will be penalized for participating:

School or district administrators were not involved in or consulted with during the planning of this event and students are expected to be in school throughout the day. Any student who leaves will receive an unexcused absence for periods they miss.

It does not appear these protests will end any time soon, and Trump won’t actually even take office for another two months. Protests will likely be even more significant come January.

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  1. Greg Gadfly says:

    FBI and DEA employees routinely steal from their suspects.

    I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain about agents who were stealing from suspects…stealing from me.

    First, FBI and DEA employees tried to lure me to Mexico.

    Next, when that did not work, I was in San Francisco at the now closed tower records store. In walks three hells angels members wearing the vests, etc… and they were glaring at me.

    Someone else came in the store shortly after they had and told the three if they caused any trouble, their club house in Oakland would be raided. I think the person that entered the store may have been state police who was tailing the three where ever they went. Lucky for me.

    They left without incident.

    The DoJ is filled with incompetent and corrupt losers with a false sense of aristocracy who would be unemployed if it were not for the lax hiring criteria of the US government.

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