by Tom Bogert

Here’s a fun sentence that the average person never figured they’d read: there are some amazing health benefits of drinking a few beers a day!

According to a study of 80,000 people conducted by Pennsylvania State University, via Telegraph, researchers found “a pint or two a day could help reduce the risk of having a stroke or developing cardiovascular disease.”

Moderate daily alcohol intake, specifically beer, helps slow the decline of “good cholesterol” and it was more evident in those having a moderate intake of booze rather than none at all, the research finds.

Beyond that, Telegraph found some other surprising health benefits of moderate intake of beer, including:

* Lowers risk of kidney stones
* Protects from heart attacks
* Reduces the risk of strokes
* Strengthens bones
* Decreases chance of diabetes
* Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s
* Can cure insomnia
* Can stop cataracts
* Might cure cancer
* Could help lose weight

As always, though, these are the benefits it can have while consuming beer… in moderation.

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