By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — It has been almost a month since the Redskins hosted a game at FedExField, and as you might imagine, the field’s surface looks dramatically improved.

The Redskins are one of a handful of northern climate teams that choose to play on an all natural grass surface. Only the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens play on all natural grass surfaces farther north than the Redskins.

The surface has been a topic of heavy debate in recent seasons, particularly following the team’s 2012 playoff appearance. The Redskins closed out the season with a string of home games before hosting the Seattle Seahawks. A fumble in the fourth quarter caused then quarterback Robert Griffin III to scuffle for the ball, causing his injured leg to buckle and his ACL to tear.

It was also a concern earlier this year, as the grass at midfield looked visibly thin ahead of the Browns game on Oct. 16. It’s unclear if the team did switch out the surface during the intervening four weeks, but time off appears to have done the trick.


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