By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — John Wall is fast. Everyone knows John Wall is fast. But could he be the fastest player in NBA history?

In paralleling Wall’s speed to that of up-and-coming Kentucky star De’Aaron Fox, Fletcher Page of Louisville’s Courier-Journal offers some compelling quotes from Wizards coach Scott Brooks.

Apparently Brooks conducted a recent demonstration in which he timed Wall running basket to basket. He did this to prove a point, that there’s no need for a player as fast as Wall to panic and take errant shots with five seconds or less on the clock.

“Going basket to basket, [Wall] can get there in 2.5 seconds,” Brooks said, according to Page. “So if you can get there in 2.5 seconds, you can make two or three passes. He is as fast as anybody in this league, probably in the history (of the NBA).”

Wall has exceptional speed. Fastest in league history? That’s bold.

While this year’s iteration of the NBA’s annual GM survey slighted the Wizards at nearly every opportunity possible, it did find Wall to be among the league’s fastest players with the ball in his hands.

John Calipari’s website has a transcript with the extended Brooks quote.

“He is as fast as anybody in this league, and probably in the history – his speed, and his speed with the ball,” Brooks said. “But more importantly, you can get a fast guy on the court, you can find those guys anywhere, but can you get a fast guy that can make good decisions with the ball?”

“He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen going at a full speed being able to see the other nine players on the court at the same time,” he said. “Not a lot of guys can do that.”

Brooks has spoken openly about his desire to reach Wall’s untapped potential: “He has another level, maybe two or three levels,” Brooks told The Post in April. “Not only from a basketball standpoint, [but] from a leadership standpoint.”

One might imagine Brooks will try to harness Wall’s historic speed in helping him get to that next level. Perhaps then he can rival the level of play of the only point guard who received more GM votes for his quickness: Brooks’ former student, Russell Westbrook.

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