By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — It’s been a hard day for Redskins special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica.

Not only did the Redskins lose in Detroit on Sunday, but by the time Kotwica awoke on Monday morning, photos of him relieving himself on the Redskins’ sideline had already leaked onto the internet.

It’s no secret NFL players, unable to make a trip to the bathroom during games, have been known to find relief in their own uniforms. What’s less publicly available — until Sunday in Detroit, anyhow — is the knowledge that players and coaches will surreptitiously find relief along the sideline in a pinch.

Kotwica found himself in such a pinch Sunday, but wasn’t quite as discreet as he had probably hoped. One fan attending the game at Ford Field was kind enough to forward some visual evidence along to TMZ.

“We’ll probably have a few jokes for him tomorrow,” Redskins defensive tackle Chris Baker told 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes and Chris Russell.

“You try to get a couple of people to surround you and relieve yourself in the cup,” Baker said of the common, yet uncouth act of relieving oneself on the sideline. “Shoot. I’ve known a few players sometimes just go ahead and pee on themselves and just add some water to your pants, just like you’re sweating. Nobody’ll ever know.”

Asked if he’s ever played against someone in a dampened state, Baker revealed the unsavory truth: “You don’t know. You don’t know if it’s pee or sweat, so I’m pretty sure a lot of guys have done it, but you’ll never know unless you saw it or someone tells you.”

Former Redskins offensive lineman Will Montgomery shared his own bittersweet story.

“Obviously there’s not a lot of times to go to the bathroom,” Montgomery said. “You basically can go at halftime and that’s about it, so if you’re caught somewhere in the second quarter or the fourth quarter, sometimes your bladder gets a little full, especially when you’re drinking Gatorades and waters and hydrating.”

“So sometimes I would just go behind the O-line bench,” he said. “A nice little place in between the tape desk and where my buddies were sitting. Some guys would have a tendency to go to the bathroom in their pants and just smell like whatever they’re smelling like for the rest of the game.”

“There was one time I had a little food poisoning and was sick and we were wearing white pants that week,” he went on to share for some reason. “My wife was kind of nervous that she would be embarrassed.”

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Chris Lingebach


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