By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — A challenging season for Washington Redskins cornerback Bashaud Breeland continued on Sunday, as he was inactive against the Baltimore Ravens with an ankle injury suffered in Week 3.

That injury followed a rough start to the season, in which was expected to cover the other half of the field from Josh Norman. That plan lasted until the second quarter of Week 2, when the coaching staff made the move to have Norman follow the opposing team’s top receiver, while Breeland got the lesser matchup.

Breeland had a breakout season in 2015, defending 16 passes in 14 starts with 81 tackles, and appeared to be on the verge on superstardom.

Now, Breeland is hearing the criticism from fans on Twitter and not taking it lying down. It started with a harmless tweet about his team’s 16-10 victory, but devolved into a war of the words:


(Edited for profanity)



All of this, while combative, is pretty harmless banter back and forth with fans that care enough to say something. Where Breeland may want to tread lightly is in his next posts:



It’s not that he is wrong, and he can handle his fans in any manner that he and the team decide. In his defense, he struggled against Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant, two of the best receivers of this generation and possibly ever.

But responding to Twitter trolls won’t earn him any favors with the fan base, or any benefit of the doubt once he returns from injury.


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