By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — John Wall has defended his decision to wear a Cowboys jersey to last Sunday’s Redskins game, a wardrobe selection which has stuck in the craw of D.C. sports fans who have spent their lives inundated by Cowboys fans born and raised in the D.C. area.

“I’m not from Washington, D.C. I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina,” Wall told CSN Mid-Atlantic. “And the Cowboys have always been my team.”

Wall explained that wearing an Emmitt Smith jersey — “a legendary guy,” in his words —  to FedEx Field isn’t the same as if he would have worn the jersey of a current Cowboy, and that he’s not some fly-by-night bandwagon jumper but rather he’s “been a Cowboys fan since I was born.”

Furthermore, Wall, who has in the past called out Wizards fans for vocally supporting visiting teams at Verizon Center over the Wizards, cast aside accusations that his open Cowboys fandom is in any way hypocritical.

“The difference is,” Wall said, “was you a Steph Curry fan before the last two years?”

Not everyone bought Wall’s explanation. Count 106.7 The Fan’s Danny Rouhier as a skeptic. The midday host called into Chad Dukes vs. The World to unload his disgust Friday.

“When you complain — and John Wall rightfully complained, by the way, and he’s correct — about Celtics fans, Warriors fans, Lakers fans, anybody but Wizards fans” invading Verizon Center, Rouhier said. “It kills me that this is the basketball environment that we’re in. And he’s right about that complaint.”

“You did it,” he said of Wall. “Except it’s worse, because this rival is 10,000 times factors more evil and despicable and loathsome than anybody on your schedule. Nobody cares that much about the New York Knickerbockers, or the Brooklyn Nets, or the Milwaukee Bucks or the Miami Heat. They’re annoying for a short while, but not the decades-long, loathsome, despicable villainy that that stupid puke star, and that five points represents everybody they have suspended on their damned roster.

“It’s awful. I hate it. It’s not just a bad look, it’s DUMB. That’s what it is. Because you’re walking around so insulated… I love John Wall. He’s done more in this community this week than I’ll have done my entire life; he is a great person and I love his game and I love what he brings to Washington.”

“I cannot stand this because he doesn’t understand the repercussions outside of the room,” Rouhier continued. “To him it’s just, ‘I’m wearing a Cowboys jersey. I like the Cowboys.’ If you need to like the Cowboys in some deep, dark secret place, do that. When you broadcast it in front of the two big circles of the Venn diagram — a huge circle of Redskins fans, and a little, teeny, tiny, a smidgen of that, is Wizards fans — there’s some crossover, and it’s a big middle finger to all of us that have waited 62 combined seasons for any kind of sports joy. It makes me sick and I am furious about it.”

To Wall’s claim of being a Cowboys fan since birth, Rouhier offered, “Yeah, North Carolina’s a suburb of Dallas, right? He’s a bandwagon fan himself! He became it when he was a kid and they were good!”

“That explanation does not hold any water,” he said. “If you’re not from Dallas or the greater Dallas area, you should not be a Cowboys fan. If you hear my voice right now, you have a sociological disorder if you like the Dallas Cowboys. You substitute good feelings and goodwill from people, you mask your own insecurities and hide behind your willingness to be hated. It means you need psychological help. No one should be a Cowboys fan. And even people from Dallas should reconsider it.”

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