By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — After a week of voting, the fans have spoken.

Trea Turner, the Nationals’ secret weapon that is hardly a secret anymore, shall henceforth be known as…

Trea Burner.

Garnering 35 percent of the vote, Trea Burner crushed the field.

The runners up:

2. White Lightning, 12%
3. Speed Treacer, 11%
4. The Flash, 10%
5. Bullet Trean, 6%

The other four options — All Day Trea (5%), Bae Turner (4%), Trea Hound (2%) and T-Squared (2%) — each finished with five percent or less. The “Other” category finished with 13 percent.

A second round, in which the bottom half of contestants and the “other” field were eliminated, was considered, but Trea Burner receiving nearly three times the votes any other entry did rendered that plan a formality.

Now, let us all stand in awe as Trea Burner puts on a show on the basepaths.

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