WASHINGTON — Georgetown University will give preference in admissions to the descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits as part of its effort to atone for profiting from the sale of enslaved people.

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Georgetown president John DeGioia told news outlets that the university in Washington will implement the admissions preferences. He says Georgetown will need to identify and reach out to descendants of slaves and recruit them to the university.

On Thursday morning, a university committee released a report that also called on its leaders to offer a formal apology for the university’s participation in the slave trade.

In 1838, two priests who served as president of the university orchestrated the sale of 272 people to pay off debts at the school. The slaves were sent from Maryland to plantations in Louisiana.

The university says it will give descendants of those slaves “the same consideration we give members of the Georgetown community” when they apply.

Georgetown President John DeGioia penned a letter to students and faculty Thursday, writing, “I believe the most appropriate ways for us to redress the participation of our predecessors in the institution of slavery is to address the manifestations of the legacy of slavery in our time.”

See the university’s report below.

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  1. Mike says:

    I have an idea for you progressive clowns, grow up..

    1. R says:

      How about the fact that 20% of slaves were owned by other free blacks? How about the fact that the slaves were bought from Muslim slavers? How many white AMERICANS died to give them their freedom? Are they going to give free admission to the descendants of white AMERICANS who died in fighting for the North in the civil war? These policies in themselves are racist!

      1. Gino Schafer says:

        4 of my great great grandfathers fought for the Union side to free slaves. Do my children get preferential treatment too?

      2. What about all the Irish slaves and indentured servants or is being a white slave unimportant. Oh how I detest some of my my fellow countrymen because there is no truth left, only political talking points. While the country burns we hate each other just like the media tells us to.

      3. Faust says:

        My first thoughts were for the descendants of the 350,000 Union soldiers who died to free them (most of my ancestors were Confederates). Which also raises the question of reparations.

        I see I am not the only one harboring such thoughts.

      4. SGB says:

        I think we have had “affirmative action” for decades now.

      5. sal says:

        My forefathers were Irish – do I get compensated for “white privilege” used against them also? Oh, never mind, my Irish descendants were white.

      6. frank phenix says:

        Thank you !

      7. Kim says:

        The revisionist have all sorts of excuses for that.

        They bought them to free them is one of the good ones. Not true but they spout it like “hands up don’t shoot”.

        The records of the black slave owners show lots of buying and selling but not many releasing.

        This is just a good reason that my kids won’t be going to this bastion of progressiveness and white guilt.

        I feel no guilt over what happened that far back.

        Nor do I see the need to institute reverse racism to make amends for something I had nothing to do with.

        Nor do I see any reason to support any institution run by idiots who have so little pride in themselves that they ooze guilt like puss form a festering wound.

      8. Noah Vaile says:

        Being of Jewish descent my ancestors were held in slavery by the pharao, an early pre-cursor to contemporary izlamic slave owners.
        Do I get free room and board with that liberal education?

      9. daddy warbucks says:

        “In any case there were some blacks who owned Irish slaves in America until the practice of enslaving the Irish was outlawed, …”

        “But, if anyone, black or white, believes that slavery was only an African experience, then they’ve got it completely wrong.”

        The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves | Global …

        Mar 17, 2015 …

    2. Steve M. says:

      Tell it like it is, Brother.

      1. daddy warbucks says:

        ” … free black people in this country bought and sold other black people, and did so at least since 1654, continuing to do so right through the Civil War.”

        “One particularly notorious black Maryland farmer named Nat Butler “regularly purchased and sold Negroes for the Southern trade,” Halliburton wrote.”

        “The free colored population [native] of Louisiana … own slaves, and they are dearly attached to their native land … and they are ready to shed their blood for her defense. They have no sympathy for abolitionism; no love for the North, but they have plenty for Louisiana … They will fight for her in 1861 as they fought [to defend New Orleans from the British] in 1814-1815.”

        “The Negro slave-holders, like the white ones, fought to keep their chattels in the Civil War.” Rogers also notes that some black men, including those in New Orleans at the outbreak of the War, “fought to perpetuate slavery.”


        Did Black People Own Slaves?

        By: Henry Louis Gates Jr.

        Posted: March 4 2013

    3. Jim D says:

      More vapid suck up horse hockey coming from what ‘used to be’ a great institution before John Thompson politicized the men’s basketball team.

      1. mlblogsmeis says:

        When they won the title and held the mike up to Patrick Ewing’s face for comments, I thought that he was going to slobber all over the mike.
        You are so right. Thompson was much more interested in winning than in turning out scholars.

    4. Only 3% of Southerners owned slaves. Problem is, whomever wins the war writes the history.

      1. Fred Johnson says:

        87% of all statistics are made up on the spot. 😉

      2. Bruce Skewes says:

        As Napoleon said, “History is the rumor we choose to believe.”

    5. Jerry says:

      What if the applicants slave ancestor was a murderer, child molester or thief. Do they still get preferential treatment from Georgetown?

      1. Chuy McTaggart-Johnson says:

        Yes. In fact, if the descendants have followed in their ancestors’ footsteps, they’ll get and even more preference. This is because the descendants of slaves cannot be held accountable for their behavior, nor can they compete on a level playing field (except in sports and dancing). And also because the diversity of skin color, criminal history, and patterns of behavior is important, just as long as the worldview is 100% anti-american, globalist, progressivism.

      2. Contra Ventus says:

        They get to make a movie and call it, “Birth of a Rapist”.

    6. tightloops says:

      My first American ancestor was an indentured servant. The first slaves to the New World were indentured but it was slavery where those in debt and had minor criminal offenses were given the option go work in the New World or remain in prison forever or, they were just drug off the street and put in chains and thrown on a ship. My ancestor was a strong young 12 year old male from England who was sold and shipped with other English children of their indebted families to a plantation owner. I guess these kids don’t count as slaves even though many of them died before achieving freedom and those that did were only allowed to hope to eventually work as share croppers which is just another form of slavery. Why has this part of slave history never been included in the conversations? It’s like this slavery story is a big secret. Is that because these were just young English kids? They had no rights, they were beaten and imprisoned and treated like animals. They were the first slaves but no part of the American or global consciousness will discuss this FACT!

    7. Sigmund says:

      We need to fumigate these schools.

    8. bob says:

      It doesn’t matter really, why even make them go to school, just hand out the degrees, it’s what everyone else is doing. The stupid fks couldn’t pass if they did get in.

      1. RBB S says:

        I agree. Just give them their degree, we give them everything else.

    9. Denise Pharmer says:


    10. Sherry says:

      So the delicious irony is rather than sincerely apologizing, at about $49,960 a year, they will just make descendants Debt Slaves instead. Bravo Georgetown.

      1. Churyl Minne says:

        Obama would not have qualified for this program. His black ancestors actually did come directly from Kenya and they were not slaves in the US. Obama should never have been allowed to claim to be a token racial quota,

    11. Why would anyone pay to have their child turned into a pablum puking baby that is totally unprepared for the real world? Progressive is just a pretty name for Nazi..

      1. Contra Ventus says:

        and BLM is the new ‘Blackshirt’.

        Read the “The Road to Serfdom” written in 1940 to 1943, by the Nobel Award winning economist Friedrich Hayak. It’s exactly what we are seeing now. Play by play. Only instead of the road being paved by the hearless “Industrialists” of last century, it’s our heartless ‘Technologists’ who are the ‘instigators’ and have the blood on their hands this century.

    12. larry says:

      One more school crossed off my list…

    13. depressionbaby says:

      What about the Blacks in Africa that “sold” the other Blacks to slave traders?

      1. Contra Ventus says:

        or that still hunt their ‘albinos’ to this very day?

    14. slobotnavich says:

      How utterly vomititious. How could anybody within this risible “university” reliably determine the authenticity of any given black’s origins? My, how these fine liberal seekers of truth and justice must feel proud of themselves, especially in that costs them nothing to preen in the warm glow of their moral superiority over we loutish and ignorant peasants.

    15. frank phenix says:

      Thank you !

    16. Contra Ventus says:

      CBS is not letting me post something. I’m going to run a test.

    17. daddy warbucks says:

      “During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England. In this decade, 52,000 Irish (mostly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia. Another 30,000 Irish men and women were also transported and sold to the highest bidder. In 1656, Cromwell ordered that 2000 Irish children be taken to Jamaica and sold as slaves to English settlers.”


    18. Mike Tanco says:

      Then you’re saying the White descendants of people that fought slavery can’t attend your university? How racial is that? I have a great idea, slavery is dead and has been for years, let it die and move on. No one living today owes any of you one damn thing except respect and the freedoms you get from our Constitution.

  2. Does this include Irish White Slaves or is it just more black pandering?

    1. yahtahei says:

      They were called “indentured servants” … slaves none the less.

      1. there were white slaves who were owned by blacks,,,,,,,,not in the usa however……but still…if we want to pander……why not pander to the whites also

    2. Joesockit says:

      There were many white slaves how about them? Plus if black people didn’t want to be slaves talk to the other black slave traders that sold them, and stop voting democratic. I hope Georgetown doesn’t get any tax dollars as this is discrimination pure and simple.

  3. James (ex-slave) says:

    HA HA HA HA………….”White Guilt” pays off again.
    It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    Get over it black folks……. EVERYONE was a slave at some point in history!!!!!

    1. Keep laughing clown. You may wake up what everyone is coming.

    2. Sorry,
      my last comment replied to the wrong post.

  4. Atone? For something they didn’t do? Gimme a break.

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      Join the AAM. We are a ‘Social Justice’ group, proudly mentioned in Soros’ leaked emails. Like the BLM, we too are seeking ‘reparations’. Please see our website.

      Altar-boy A$$es Matter! (I think CBS is blocking the correct spelling) “What do we want? Dead Priests! When do we want it? Now!” If we get together in violent groups and chant this, our “Slogan”, while marching down every main street of every major US city, as long as we out-shout any opposition, have our alpha females get in the face of, and threaten anyone we can’t silence or who even dare look us in the eye, say things like, “You dis’n me MF?” as we fist our hands and reach for our Tech 9s, I’m sure Obama will afterwards invite us twice to the Whitehouse, just like he did with the BLM after they did it. We will finally be on the map! The world stage! Finally!

      Soros, while the BLM paraded so peacefully, in his leaked emails mentions “the BLM” as a tool of ‘Social Justice’ along with the appropriately named “Million Hoodies for Social Justice” (yes, it’s in his leaked emails, yes it’s a real name). I love that “Million Hoodies for Social Justice” in its ‘open arms’ evocation of those other two pillars of the black community, Trayvon and Farrakhan. What a gentle name, isn’t it; hearts filled with nothing but love. And some thought hoodies were only for hiding your face from the CCTV camera while shaking down Asian grocers half your size or robbing 9 year olds using boxcutters. How wrong we all were! Those ‘hoodies’ are for “Social Justice”!

      Soros emails mentions pursuing these groups’ goals, one of BLM’s posted goals is ‘reparations’. If we can be approved as ‘Social Justice Warriors’ we too stand a far better chance of receiving reparations from Georgetown, since, Soros owns both Obama and Hillary.

      The AAM Executive Committee is seeking ‘reparations’ that are due altar and choir boys (and girls) for the cost of all the years of psychiatric care that was needed; for all the lost years trying to define oneself sexually while other kids were just being kids; for the unending torment and nightmares; the loss of self-worth; the total destruction of the ego and super-ego; the inability to successfully compete in school; the tears alone afraid to tell; the recurring suicidal thoughts; the shame and self-doubt and, I could go on and on.

      But the membership is most deserving of ‘reparations’ for “the willful and repeated crushing of the souls of God’s children by the church and its hierarchy”.

      That should be worth a full and free college education all the way to the Doctoral Level for each child’s life destroyed. If Georgetown doesn’t make that available to every child, male or female, who has suffered at the hands of a priest, well, then we’ll know far more about those wonderful “Jesuits of Georgetown”.

      Maybe I’ll change the name, how about “Million Cassocks for Social Justice”? or “Million Serplices for Social Justice”? Should we wear black cassocks instead of the more princely red? Would we more attractive then? Any ex-altar or choir boys or girls here? Anyone molested by a priest? Will you join me in this crusade for free tuition for these people who have ‘in reality not hoax’ been damaged and yet not received one bit of ‘entitlement’ or ‘affirmative action’, no mule and 40 before that, no free phones or being sent to the head of the line while looking for employment, no breaks on tuition or enrollment? Yes, I have someone in my family who suffered.

      Satan is two-faced.

      I ask Georgetown, “Are you two-faced? Will you say ‘yes’ to the one while denying the other?

  5. Kevin says:

    So will these universities please just admit that their standard position that SAT score is directly related to collegiate performance is BS? If that’s actually true then universities are setting people up to fail by admitting them under some form of affirmative action.

    1. Hoya Alum says:

      Kevin, don’t forget that women were not allowed into Georgetown College until 1972. Shouldn’t GU atone for this by admitting any woman who wants to attend regardless of qualification? It’s only ‘fair’, isn’t it? 😉

      1. Peter Kay says:

        Good point Hoya Alum. Maybe my granddaughters can get preference. Hoya ’71

  6. Jose Jimenez says:

    They will be doing the same 30 years from now in “mature” Third World USA.

  7. jnobfan says:

    Georgetown is a Private institution and although IMO admitting ANYONE who can’t measure up academically is a BIG mistake its not my money so have at it

    1. It is your tax money; all these schools get money from the government. If they do not pay property taxes then that is a government subsidy, too.

  8. Professional Observer says:

    Georgetown University is breaking the law by giving “priority admission” to slave descendants.

    Academic institutions (like other companies) are forbidden from discriminating against OR IN FAVOR OF individuals on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, etc.. Therefore, if Georgetown gives such admission to slave descendants, it should also extend that same admission to American Indian, Asian, Jewish, Irish, Italian, Polish, and all other racial categories that suffered similar (or the same) kind of discrimination.

    By narrowly limiting such admission to one class, Georgetown is engaging in Reverse Discrimination, or discriminating on the basis of one’s heritage to the exclusion of other heritages. It is illegal, unfair, and should be immediately stricken down.

    1. Hoya Alum says:

      Don’t forget that women were not allowed into Georgetown College until 1972. Shouldn’t GU atone for this by admitting any woman who wants to attend regardless of qualification? It’s only ‘fair’, isn’t it?😉

    2. Contra Ventus says:

      But they say they have a ‘great’ law-school . . . NOT!

  9. ata777 says:

    That people keep paying thousands of dollars to go to these progressive indoctrination centers is beyond stupid.

  10. Hoya Alum says:

    And how will these people ‘prove’ they are descendants? And will they be provided with a ‘free education’ oh, and housing, oh, and it doesn’t matter whether they have the credentials to be accepted in any college. This looks more like pandering to the politically correct.

    Next will these ‘enlightened’ leaders of GU be changing the school colors (blue and gray) by declaring gray ‘offensive’?

    Shesh. Example of being so open minded their brains fall out.

  11. Weasler says:

    How the hell does one even FIND descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits? How many blacks today even KNOW who owned their ancestors? This is ridiculous.

    1. R C Fish says:

      Agreed. It will be nearly impossible to find the descendants of a slave sold to Louisiana plantations 180 years ago. Are they going to pay for and send out a team of genealogists? It’s just a feel-good initiative and will have no effect in real life.

  12. Joe E in the IE says:

    “In 1838, two priests who served as president of the university orchestrated the sale of 272 people to pay off debts at the school. The slaves were sent from Maryland to plantations in Louisiana.”

    Fine. Give preference to someone who was alive at the time.

    1. Mike says:

      The idea that the Jesuits, as an order, owned anything is a slippery theory. I call BS on the whole thing. The truth was probably more like the Jesuits at the time were taking care of those people and its Georgetown 2016 propaganda that they were ‘sold’ to build the University. More likely a group from the south came up and took those people the Jesuits were looking out for from them and the Jesuits didn’t fight back. Now they lay people feel guilty about the lack of spine for the priests.

      1. Mike says:

        sorry – the lay people

  13. As a professional “heir hunter,” and having done extensive research in Louisiana vital records, including the US Census and its attendant “slave schedules,” tracking heirship for individuals sold in 1832 will be a daunting task, but it can be done. Also, since it was a “civilian” jurisdiction, as opposed to the British common law, there are extensive notarial archives, memorializing business transactions, including the sale of slaves. Kudos to Georgetown.

    1. Nice, shameful, plug for your company. Of course you would be in favor of such stupidity since it directly would benefit you, as your site says in part, :… For agreeing to pay us a percentage of the asset, we agree, in turn, to do whatever it is necessary to secure your rights.” My question is, will you value the admission preference as an asset and require the recipient to pay you for the assigned value you will give it, in exchange for ‘finding’ their link to the sale of said persons?

      Also, this is completely absurd.

    2. Contra Ventus says:

      Do you also “Polar Bear Hunt”?

      I bet you do.

      Research that.

  14. The irony is that without the slave sale, Georgetown University would no longer exist. But don’t let that stop the self-flagellation…

  15. Mostly Harmless says:

    “He says Georgetown will need to identify and reach out to descendants of slaves and recruit them to the university.”

    Hoo boy. Expect a bumper crop of something SPECIAL that year. I mean, isn’t it enough to skew admissions preferences? Do you actually have to RECRUIT recipients of your ‘largesse’ in order to expunge the sins from your soul, Georgetown?

    Sorry. What was I thinking? Of course you do.


  16. Alt Bart says:

    My ancestors were serfs in Europe. What do my kids get?
    Oh yeah, I remember now. Nothing.

  17. bflat879 says:

    Wow, a preference Barack Obama couldn’t take advantage of. I wonder if he’d lie to get this one too?

  18. ccc says:

    Down a dark hole we go….

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      Look on the bright side! We’re going to have ‘Election Monitors’.

      Jeh Johnson drew up a contract between his department and “The New Black Panther Party” to bring their military batons, once again as they did in 2008, to serve as monitors in 2016 stating, “I feel confident! The “New Black Panther Party” numbers will be augmented by the best the “BLM” has to offer!”

      “They will be there, in number,”. he emphatically continued, “to ensure that all Asians and Whites, all ‘light-skinned’ Hispanics, all peoples of any color on the spectrum lighter than ‘cracker’, even ‘black albinos’, can vote without fear of disenfranchisement.”

      Photographs can be found online of these heroes sacrificing their time on ‘Election Day’ 2008, standing at the ready in multiple US cities. Contrary to reports, the ‘Panthers’ did not say, “Who you be votin’ for Whitey” accompanied by threatening gestures as ‘light-skinned’ voters approached the polling area.

      Thank you brave members of the “New Black Panther Party”.

      Loretta Lynch originally, and repeatedly, said the Justice Department “is not going to monitor the 2016 Presidential elections.” Of course she was riding high on the success of the “New Black Panther” monitoring of the 2008 elections.

      Trump ‘the racist vote suppressor’ doing what any good, “racist, vote-suppressor” would do, called tirelessly, over and over again for ‘election monitors’ for months, and only met with deaf ears.

      It wasn’t until, finally, 500 foreign ‘election monitors’ volunteered; that then, and only then, did this current administration put “The Shining” example of integrity, Jeh Johnson, in charge of making sure the election would not be rigged.

      Can anyone say, “Fox, Henhouse – Fox, Henhouse – Fox, Henhouse” three times in a row real fast? Try it, it’s kinda fun. . . well, maybe just the first time.

      Doesn’t the TSA make you feel safe standing there with your legs spread and your fingers interlaced behind your head? The pose of every free man?

      Say prayers for the 2016 foreign ‘election monitors’. Not Jeh Johnson’s, we’ve seen them in photos from 2008. They look like they can take care of themselves or, with those aluminum night-sticks, any hapless victim passing by.

      Pray instead for the foreign, and probably white European ‘monitors’. They’re lives will be in danger this election system – GLOBALISM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO FAIL over anybody’s dead body!

  19. Don Stenson says:

    No tax money should be given to this institution with such a racist policy.

  20. Lu2 says:

    And just how is Georgetown gonna confirm that they are slave descendants? Slaves of what country? Slaves to an employer? Just what the hell are the intellectual idiots talking about? Hell, we are slaves to this “effed” up regime. Do we all get free college?

  21. Guest says:

    These african leaders in the grievance industry have definitely put on over on America, and the liberal, leftist, America-Hating, hypocritical crowd of university administrators are willing participants.

  22. Jonny C says:

    Those 80% of ‘CURRENT BLACK POPULATION’ are Like Prez Obama, whose Daddy (Obama Sr) came to America in 1959-1960. According to Your Own Govt (US Census Bureau) these 80% OF CURRENT BLACKS IN AMERICA are from Family who came to US in the 1960s-1980s mostly as Foreign Students in US Colleges & Played Sports for those Schools like Oregon, UCLA, Texas, UNC, etc… People like Hakeem Olojuan, Manut Bol, all the the African Track stars in Pac 8 (back then), especially at UC-Berkeley, Oregon, USC, etc…. THINK OF ALL THE ‘AFRICANS’ that Were Recruited to play College Soccer & Lacrosse in USA during the Johnson to Reagan Era.. Even Patrick Ewing was not a US Citizen, but Recruited to Georgetown & got US Citizenship Afterwards.

    1. Phrank says:

      Minor correction: Ewing was 12 when he came to the U.S. after having been born in Jamaica. But your point is well-taken.

      1. Jonny C says:

        Phrank, I think you we are Both Right regarding Patrick Ewing, in coming when 12…..
        But in my mind was an ESPN or CBS Basketball Tourney-Time interview with Ewing & his family that He Literally was Given a Roster Spot at Georgetown when he was only 11-12 because of his Size, even at that age on one of the coaches recruiting trips.. One of those, like with Danny Manning at Kansas & others where Family Package is part of the recruitment, for Ewing-his Whole Damn Family came to America from Jamaica as part of his recruitment deal

  23. JuanchoCayman says:

    In my days we used to call this ‘afirmative action’.

  24. Jaxter says:

    I wonder if any of these slave descendants or the idiots that pander to them have ever considered the fact that without slavery none of them would have been born?

  25. leespike says:

    My family bought one and they refused to work; lazy bum. I want free tuition too.

    In 1838, two priests who served as president of the university orchestrated the sale of 272 people to pay off debts at the school. The slaves were sent from Maryland to plantations in Louisiana.

  26. That is discriminatory – giving slaves or their direct children help is one thing but giving it to their ancestry line forever is not American nor fare it discriminates, how about the Irish who were known as the white nigers of America for decades.

  27. Jose Jimenez says:

    Progressives think of Blacks as inferiors that can not take care of themselves without help from the Democrat Progressive Plantation

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      . . . black cows tied to a milking machine once every eight years to finally purge their swollen and inflamed bladders.

  28. Flannigan McGaffigan says:

    Democrats are the party of slavery, the KKK, segregation, discrimination, abuse, Jim Crow, Bull Connor, poll taxes, the KKK and opposing civil rights.
    Maybe blacks support the Democrat Party because during slavery, about 100% of them were working…which certainly isn’t the case today!

  29. arturo says:

    How do otherwise reasonably intelligent human beings get so wussified that they do not, cannot understand they are being played. Somewhere, someone is laughing a lot. This country will disappear in the next 50 years. So sad. In the 1940’s we helped save modern civilization from an unspeakable “New Order”, by the 2040’s we will not exist.

  30. I just…I can’t even. It’s like these progressive loons have a time machine where racial relations are moving backwards from present day to 1960 to 1860 and beyond. According to them, every year we get more racist. Of course, they won’t tell you that it was THEIR party who favored slavery to begin with and THEIR policies that have kept people of color down.

  31. devindenv says:

    Descendants of ANY slaves, or just descendants of the 272 they sold?

  32. iambicpentamaster says:

    Slave privilege and institutionalized microaggressions

  33. Bob Wired says:

    Let me guess, Skip Gates of PBS and Harvard will have the exclusive contract to do the “Slave Tracing” for anyone who needs it done…bet they all come back to a guy called “Chicken George”…what madness…and to think I know a guy who played on a football scholarship to this once Prestigious University–man is he going to hear from me and others…Trade School folks, its the wave of the future, not these overpriced, provide you nothing at the end, Safe Spaces for Liberals…..

  34. Thank you for printing this article. I will take a closer look at Georgetown students applying to work for me.

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      Check the net first! You’ll be able to know from their Facebook or Twitter page what you’re getting into. There are a handful of bright, college students of all colors out there, but they are becoming fewer and fewer due to people like Zuckerfiend and Schidt, The Gateskeeper and Twit.

  35. Jack Crowe says:

    As an “ethnic” person living in these United States all I can say is that this is getting out of control and downright ridiculous!
    It’s as if we are treating blacks like children, and they in turn love the attention?
    When this bs winds down, good working black folk will be shunned because they did not take a stand against this new stupidity phase this country is going through.

  36. Vari Grene says:

    Descendants of ANY slave or just the 272 they sold? What about descendants of children molested by priests or descendants of anyone else wronged by the Church?

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      Oh, I like that idea!

      Except you need Brownshirts and Blackshirts to accomplish that, you know BLM, New Black Panther Party.

      Otherwise the Jesuits won’t give in, physical violence is all they understand, whether they are doing the raping themselves, or having Nate Parker and Cellestin do it for them.

      I’m starting a new “Social Justice” organization called the KJR! Here’s one of our chants.

      “What do we want? Dead Priests! When do we want it? Now!”

      That’s the only way to get ‘free’ tuition. This is just a skid-ful of cash ransom.

  37. Hillaryforprison2016 says:

    I always

  38. Guest says:

    I am a slave to the tyranny of the of the central government.

  39. Sugar Daddy says:

    The first slaves in this country were Irish children, who had to work until they were adults to secure their freedom. Will they get priority because they were slaves earlier than blacks?

    And seeing as millions of black people have emigrated to the US since the end of slavery, how can you tell which ones were the descended of immigrants, and which from slaves?

    1. Hillaryforprison2016 says:

      At least will know where they are. Let the new black klan BLM fill it up. If we ever need to send the smart drone the new gov will know where to send it.

  40. Dennis says:

    I now identify myself as an African slave descendant!

    1. TheMistakenPresident says:

      “Best Reply” winner.

  41. Hillaryforprison2016 says:

    I always thought of Georgetown as a Negro college anyway. Let them have it.

  42. Che' Guevara says:

    Ohhhh! For godz sake…well I suppose all those native Americans they enslaved, witches they burned and choir boys they molested are next.

  43. mark Meyer says:

    Sad that such a smart school can be so DUMB in the insane world of political correctness.

  44. Andy Foster says:

    Maybe it’s just a publicity stunt. They are only giving preferential treatment to the descendants and there is absolutely no way to identify the descendants of those 272.

  45. Mary says:

    How about all women have free admission. We were considered property, couldn’t own property at one time and couldn’t vote until 1920.

  46. What about the descendents of American Indians…Native Americans?! Those “slaves” were used to oppress and destroy the Native American populations throughout the United States. I don’t have White Guilt or Black Envy…I have the “give me what’s mine that belongs to me” syndrome. Blacks were used to take OUR (Native American) lands and displace us, kill us and disinherit us.
    Old Native American proverb states that, “Off of ships of great white people shall come the carriers of night; skin as the night who will help white man take the lands of the Indian. They are as evil spirits, flee from them or become possessed of their spirits…” This was why the Native Americans were so easily removed from their lands at times…they believed blacks were spirits.

  47. Mary says:

    Remove the name of Brown University which was named after a slave trader.

  48. williampenn says:

    …thereby rendering a Georgetown education to par with community college.

  49. Parents need to stop sending these kids to over the top communist schools like this one!!!

  50. Joseph P. Campbell says:

    This will work almost as well as affirmative action…preference for the unqualified…

  51. Gringo says:

    Sounds racist to me….

  52. Mary says:

    Attention Everyone…..if a man can say that he identifies as a woman, then why can’t a white person say they identify as a black person? Just say you identify as a descendant of a black slave and apply for admission!!!!

    1. TheMistakenPresident says:

      Rachel Dolezal

  53. htsllc says:

    Priority admission is a slap in the face. 180 years of oppression demands the college relinquish ownership of the college to the descendants. Seems to me, if the college’s conscience is this burdened, this would be adequate payment for past transgressions.

  54. Bennjamin Eaton says:

    they now be a surge in las name Jackson, Washington and Jefferson mong the stoodent body. I hope ma frens Marquesa Washington, Rotunda Jefferson and Lionasious Jackson be acceted now. Yo!

  55. Richard Elliot says:

    The headline is a little misleading. Georgetown is making atonement only to those descendants of people that Georgetown sold into slavery, not all former slaves.

    This makes a little more sense than creating a special class of people.

  56. Sambo Watch says:

    It worked for their basketball program and it will work in the classroom too. Affirmative Action guarantees it.

  57. p51d007 says:

    I don’t know of too many 151 year old descendants of slaves. That’s what the article said.
    Descendants of slaves. Now, for example, use the year 1865. A descendant of someone alive in 1865, would be approximately 151 years old. Now, if you could find one, I doubt they would want to go to college for 4-8 years.
    Hey liberals, just wake up and smell the TOAST BURNING.

  58. Ben Dover says:

    I hope that they will change their curriculum by including courses tailored for slave descendants: Ebonics 101,Resisting Arrest.101, Non-compliance Basics 101, Uncle Tom slurs 101.

  59. Rufus says:

    But Hillary is going to give free state-school tuition to all on January 20, 2017, by executive action.

  60. Slave Descendants? LOL… Give me a break! Most don’t even know who their own daddies are, let alone their ancestors!

  61. gunnyginalaska says:

    In regards to Georgetown and their spew: “hahhahahahahhahahahahahah. ESAD!”

  62. Prelusive007 says:

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we call leftwingnuts leftwingnuts.

  63. R. Daniels says:

    Disgusting policy

  64. I hope they include Native American tribe members who were slaves of other Native American tribes as well.

  65. Kirk says:

    I’m just curious as to how you prove whether or not someone is actually a descendant of one of those specific families. Do they have records that accurately record those families and their offspring for the last 150 years?

  66. katya brown says:

    OMG!!! How long are we going to treat certain groups like victims, how long are they going to get preferential treatment for something that happened to family members over a hundred years ago, how about preferential treatment for Jews who lost family in the holocaust, Armenians, even Christians who are now being persecuted, stop creating victims and permanent victimhood,

    1. TheMistakenPresident says:

      Have vote, will pander.

  67. BobOil says:

    a good reason to pick ANOTHER school!!

  68. Barry Forster says:

    America is a great place for Blacks. Where else in the world can a single Black woman gave six children from six different “Baby Daddies” and collect $60,000 in cash cards and housing benefits, free medical care for her family, pay no taxes, doesn’t even have to look for work let alone work, and when her children are in school they get two or free meals a day, and even in some states during summer vacation. And the “Baby Daddies” don’t have to get a job and pay child support. Life in the hood is good!

  69. Yirmin says:

    Okay… If they are so into this making atones for past sins… Why aren’t they giving preferential treatment to Native Americans? Wasn’t the whole of the country stolen from them according to the liberal view of history? In fact shouldn’t the simply sign over the ownership of all their property holdings to Native American tribes? Anything less than this and they are just giving lip service with no real atonement for sins… if anything just a marketing ploy to lure liberals to their university.

  70. Art Carney says:

    ok, hOK how do you know”? Remember one of mrs Obama granfather owned slaves. Mr Obama had no US slaves in his family.
    ANd many of the current blacks family came here after 1865.. If they wish to do it, I could care less. But I though
    we were trying to get a country where every one is treated equal. But I guess the democrats are still bigots

  71. Jamie Johnson says:

    Guess what? We parents with money to pay your exorbitant tuition are getting tired of this and will advise our kids not to apply.

  72. Doug Forbes says:

    Scholarships based on ancestry is OK?

  73. marge says:

    Ridiculous. Do these people have to PROVE their ancestors were slaves – or do they merely have to have not-white skin? If their great-great-great grandmother was a slave but every other ancestor was a free white, THAT person gets a bye?

  74. Guest says:

    Now, beginning about 2020, a Georgetown degree shall be worthless.

  75. Doug Forbes says:

    I’m not a fan of Affirmative Action (AA) in any form, but this is a retreat from standard AA. It is is not based purely on phenotype. AA based purely on descent from a slave living in the US excludes immigrants or anyone who came here after 1865. That is a step in the right direction.

  76. Tom C says:

    How about special consideration for descendants of union soldiers killed in the Civil War. This PC business is getting out of hand and is becoming a cancer inside the United States that will further increase tensions. What’s the next group that will be signaled out for special consideration; in fact, I am 50% Italian and haven’t’ had a winner since the fall of the Roman Empire – what about me?

  77. Not to worry Georgetown University will be a Mosque in ten years!

  78. VillageViking says:

    By definition, all blacks that are registered democrats are slaves…

  79. Nick P. says:

    Georgetown has finally jumped the shark. Many of my family went to Georgetown in the past. As a disloyal alumnus I can say that I will seriously discourage any of my children to go to a University that does this kind of thing. Political Correct policies are reminiscent of the Soviet System. Do they really think this improves the pool of students by setting preferences? My family had crosses burning in their yards at the turn of the century. They were victims of institutional racism throughout their entire lives. The only difference between their experience and African Americans were the color of their skin. As a demographic, cultural group, my group has been at risk for generations. I wonder if we’ll ever get such treatment. Georgetown should be ashamed of themselves.

  80. Lee1637 says:

    Will the descendants of the Irish slaves, who were brought to the new world first, get the same deal?

  81. jasonn13 says:

    Hey, I’m a descendant of slaves. My folks paid taxes all their lives in order to support the parents of those n’er-do-wells who are now getting preferential treatment at Georgetown.

  82. bill.oneil@thecourant.com says:

    The Irish were the first to come to North America in chains. Historical revisionists call them “indentured servants” but they were slaves as much as any African-American.
    Can my kid go to Georgetown on this deal?
    And where is my mule and 44 acres?

    1. TheMistakenPresident says:

      Indentured servants. Slaves. Human trafficking. Different name, same game.

  83. Gimmy Sumpton says:

    Muslims loaded black slaves on to ships and sent them to America, so they one day would experience the highest standard of living on the planet earth.

    Thank them.

  84. Giordano Bruno says:

    . . . and 178 years from now Georgetown will be giving preferential treatment to descendents of women who suffered abortion in 2016 with the moral encouragement of the Jesuits. Guess that would be called moral progress!

  85. Mike L. says:

    I am a Roman Catholic. I say BS! Who is going to atone for the original Christians (Roman Catholics) who were persecuted and fed to the lions? They are setting a bad precedent! Idiots.

  86. Why don’t you just give them their own water fountains and bathrooms too.

  87. Mike Herman says:

    So much for MLK’s dream. You will NOT be judged by the content of your character, but by who your great great great great grandparents were.

  88. K'monbak says:

    Preferential admission seems like paltry recompense for having enslaved and sold their ancestors. Georgetown should comp all costs as well, including tuition, room, and board. And not just for the four years it usually takes white people to graduate, but for a whole six years for under-privileged African-American students.

  89. Mike Herman says:

    How about Native American blood? Fauxcahontas might have grandkids wanting to get in.

  90. Marc T says:

    And what of blacks NOT descended from slaves? I guess they are just out of luck as to getting any preferential consideration, just like whites. I see problems on the horizon for Georgetown.

  91. Eagle in NYC says:

    Why not discriminatory admissions for those who fought and died to FREE the slaves? My German ancestors were in this country five years–having fled incessant religious warfare–when they were conscripted into this country’s army to free people they had never met. Many Germans died and were injured to eliminate an evil that has been widespread since Biblical times, saw over a million Europeans enslaved by Muslims, saw millions of Africans enslaved by Muslims and fellow Africans, and slavery is rampant in many Muslim countries TODAY but no one says “boo” but for those sold to white Americans.

    Don’t fear the truth. It WILL set you free.

  92. SteChatte says:

    My oldest American immigrant ancestor was an indentured servant. My very existence is thankful for slavery. So what do I get, Georgetown? [Please picture me with a chip on my shoulder and my hand outwardly stretched, but also picture that my pants are all the way up around my waist, my skin is pasty white, my eyes are blue, and my hair is blond.]

  93. Nativebornwhitewoman says:

    Will that include Mercedes and a condo in DC as the equivalent of 40 acres and a mule?

  94. guest says:

    Did this University forget about indentured servants?
    Whites, taken from Europe against their will or sold by families to spend 10-20 years to pay off the debt of their so-called transport?
    I think they IGNORE it.
    Well I know because over 50% of the White people in America came from indentured slaves

  95. What about my “White Privilege”? Shouldn’t I get priority admission because my ancestors were brought here from England on Prison Ships? This is an outrage. If you are going to admit people who aren’t smart enough to make the grade based on skin color – then admit me. I just renewed my “White Privilege” Membership.

  96. Duude says:

    That’s literally unconstitutional, but what I expect to be approved by teh next regressively-controlled SCOTUS.

  97. Eagle in NYC says:

    I’ll do you one better.

    Because African Americans are actually mulatto, they are descended from slave OWNERS. Therefore, anyone descended from slave OWNERS–like African Americans–must be BANNED from college.

    Try THAT show on for size.

  98. ETP says:

    Ah.. racial quotas over merit! Quality of education will suffer (even more)

  99. Ruben says:

    In addition, all degrees awarded by Georgetown to white students must be invalidated.

  100. James says:

    Priority over who? It is a safe bet not over the children of the former slave owners who are called legacy admissions. No, they will get preference over children of the poor who were unfortunate enough to be born with white skin and without money. White privilege indeed.

  101. attilashrugs says:

    184 years have passed since the sale of the 236 slaves. How many generations is that? If a generation is 20 years 9.2 generations. So we are considering their great, great great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren!
    How in the world will they do this? What if some of the potentially named paternal relatives had been step sons, i.e. adopted upon the remarriage of a widow to a man, the son would have no direct lineage.

  102. FreDraken says:

    What? How about the descendants of the Indians who were massacred at Wounded Knee? How about the Chinese who were worked to death building the early railroads?
    This needs to trigger a full-on grievance stampede, with demonstrations, traffic blockades, arrests, hunger strikes, wall to wall cable TV coverage. Anything else is merely “sweeping the issue under the rug.”
    Besides, it would distract the public from realizing how long it’s been since Hillary had a press conference.

  103. Suzyquzy says:

    How far back can we go? How bout back to when my people were slaves building the pyramids? Who were the slaves owners then? The Blacks! Hey, I capitalized it!

  104. Search them out and recruit them and put them in front of the line of people that have already applied? How do they tell who has slave blood and who doesn’t? Why don’t they just come out and say all black people? Will they put the slave bloods in front of the non-slave blood blacks? This is hilarious! LOL!!!

  105. Fred Garvin says:

    t have a degree from Georgetown. Would be embarrassed to have it on the wall.

  106. JLin says:

    I thought AA has been ongoing for the last 40 years. Do they intend to have a fixed quota or go all-black for a few years?

  107. DanStlMo says:

    I am sure this includes the Irish slaves and those slaves of Asian decent. Right? No, you say?

  108. IF GEORGETOWN WISHES TO MAKE A DISPLAY of their moral rectitude as SJWs, they should search the records to determine what they received for the slaves when they sold them. Then calculate the average percent profits and dividends the Georgetown University collected in their holdings over the past 184 years. Then multiply the average yield of the last 184 years by the sum obtained for their sale.
    WAIT, they had also paid FOR the slaves. So the sum must be the difference between purchase of the 236 and the sale price. And since we are being “just” to the penny, we must subtract the cost for the feeding and clothing of the slaves from the net difference between purchase and sale price. THEN multiply by the average yield of the Georgetown trust funds over that period of time.
    SINCE it is irrational, comedic and impossible to identify the 9th generation descendents, the final figure reached as above, should be used to create a Scholarship Fund for blacks.

  109. tbyrnesshaw says:

    Hmmm…that leaves out our President.

  110. Palin Smith says:

    How about my family who freed their slaves?

  111. Melvin says:

    So how is it determined that a prospective student is a decedent from slaves? It is not like one carries a certificate of authenticity. Will this be an open ended affair with a tick in the box on an admission form? What will happen when persons of color tick the box at a 100%.
    This policy is going to create more problems and animosity on college campuses. This is not at all well thought out, no matter how good the intention might be.

  112. tim brennan says:

    Gee I am an ancestor of people who suffered 800 years of oppression at the hands of the british in ireland , LEGALLY immigrated to the US got off the boat and fought for the union in the war to end slavery…doesnt that count for something? Also does this mean that obama’s descendants are not eligible because his ancestors were not slaves…they were the ones who kidnapped fellow africans to sell into slavery….into the 20th century. A practice ended by the british. BTW while I am knowledgeable of the oppression suffered at the hands of the british I have ZERO animosity towards the brits today….in fact I like them

  113. bigjohn767 says:

    How many can actually prove their ancestors were slaves? Not all blacks were slaves, some owned slaves. What they find out their ancestors did own slaves? Will they be required to pay extra?

  114. Geo Clat says:

    Yes white people were slaves also: does that get them free admission to any college. We had wars, people died and now is a time to come together and stop this politicization.

  115. neverafool says:

    ummmmmm im white and i have family that were once slaves… look it up. Only blacks were slaves??? I should apply and when they laugh i will get my laughs in court.

  116. stand fast…

    in Christ’s liberty,
    be not entangled again
    with yokes of bondage

  117. Ron Staiger says:

    According to church records in Adelmannsfelden, Germany my ancestors were serfs serving the Graff Adelmann unpaid from 1450 A.D.until early 1800 but some of our family still worked at the castle unpaid one or two days a week right up until the end of WW1. Do you think the Graff might give me money for tuition?

  118. Dave says:

    I demand compensation from anyone of Italian descent, since the Romans enslaved my German ancestors.

  119. If black enrollment at Georgetown increases significantly, academic standards will decline, whites will avoid applying, and the university will gradually become “ghetto.” It will then be an institution of not so higher learning.

  120. peter woohoo says:

    I have some Greek relatives enslaved by the Turks Ottoman Empire around the same time frame of the American Civil War…does that count?

  121. But the hapless priests did not know at the time that selling slaves would nearly two hundred years hence be scorned.

    Why doesn’t Georgetown use the Hillary Clinton defense? “At the time we sold these slaves, the sales were not classified as illegal. And we Men of God did not intend to do anything illegal”

  122. abbey says:

    Georgetown is just a wacky these days, as the nut job who serves as the Pope. The Catholic Church (full disclosure: I am a Catholic ) is in a steep dive. They don’t appear to have any values any more and cater to the liberal mindset. No info forth coming from them on the Christian plight in the Mideast. No denouncement of LGBT or, whatever they are. They pray for the aborted, yet vote for the likes of Hillary Clinton. What has happened to them? I would take my child out of that crazy place. They don’t know what they are about.

  123. Typical weak-knee response from liberal institution!

  124. John Beargrass says:

    Gerogetown is a total joke anymore. At one time before all the PC bull sh##. It is now a ultra left wing school. They turn out leftists loons that really have no place in ” True American” society. Schools like Georgetown and Rutgers are pathetic examples of the sinking of America.

  125. lapd24856 says:

    Why don’t they just make it an all black university? The number of descendants of the slaves sold is probably in the thousands, and would fill up the whole place.

  126. Griffin Edward says:

    A way to pander to largest segment of society that hasn’t already planned on going to college which in turn leads directly to a bailout from the federal government for accepting them.

    Georgetown has figured out a way to get even more U.S. taxpayer money for free

  127. David Birch says:

    Emancipation Proclamation – January 1, 1863

    End of Civil War – April 9, 1865 – Gen. Robert E. Lee surrenders his Confederate Army to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
    Thirteen Amendment – Formally abolishing slavery in the United States, the 13th Amendment was passed by the Congress on January 31, 1865 Delaware’s General Assembly refused to ratify the 13th Amendment, calling it an illegal extension of federal powers over the states. Only in December 1865, when the 13th Amendment went into effect on a national scale, did slavery cease in Delaware.

    Yes, boys and girls, in case you have forgotten (or never knew), Delaware was a slave state during the US Confederate war and did not ban slavery until ratification of the 13th Amendment. Hope the padres at Georgetown don’t forget the northern slaves.

  128. Joe says:

    The Jewish people were once slaves, will they be included? I doubt it!

  129. Constance Underfoot says:

    So Jews, being slaves the longest, will get top priority then?

  130. Collectivism – An insane idea to let the inmates run the asylum.

  131. Ron Staiger says:

    The first slave in America, John Castor (in 1655), was owned by Anthony Johnson, a black man from Angola. Whites were not allowed to own blacks until 1700 when the courts granted that right to Indians as well as whites. Arab slave traders in Africa purchased them from other blacks in rival tribes. Blacks in Africa routinely raided each other’s villages for slaves to serve themselves as well as for selling to the Arabs and later on the Europeans. Native Americans also raided rival villages as well as white settlements and took slaves. Just as whites don’t OWN racism, neither do they OWN slavery.

  132. Mitch Comestaine says:

    How about Free Admission for Slave Owner Descendants? Now that would be something to talk about.

  133. Souza Michael S says:

    Can we non communist just admit they are winning and we need a plan to fight back before it is too late! CPUSA is the most powerful political bloc in our government & we are losing more of what our nation is & meant! Very Sad

    1. Ben Fistener says:

      Calm down…Civil War and ethnic cleansing is coming…America will be white and pure again, soon.

  134. Ben Fistener says:

    We’re headed towards a shooting Civil War…no ifs, ands or buts.
    But, unlike the first Civil War, the riflemen and guns are all on one side – TRUMP’s.

    “Liberals I’ve Met At A 3-Gun Match” is an empty book.
    So too is “Inner City Negroes I’ve Met At A 3-Gun Match”.

  135. thebigz says:

    I am wondering if all the children that were molested by priests can get special treatment too ?

  136. timefortrump says:

    There have been plenty of WHITE SLAVES in our history also – so are the WHITE descendants of slaves going to get a pass too? How exactly do they prove this heritage?

  137. Team Huli says:

    “On Thursday morning, a university committee released a report that also called on its leaders to offer a formal apology for the university’s participation in the slave trade.”

    Apology?!? Really?

    No slave traders/owners are alive today, and none of those slaves are alive today. Time for Blacks to move on!

    And they call this a higher-education school…

  138. Richard Head says:

    My Germanic ancestors were enslaved by the Romans. Where’s my preference?

  139. Contra Ventus says:

    Video and audio of 96% of all claimed police brutality by blacks since cameras have been incorporated, cruiser and body, have refuted claims made by the black ‘victims’ who cry police brutality. Look it up. That’s just data.

    There are cruiser videos of black Princeton professors, black Texas Legislators, and black NFL players who have gone to news agencies with their lies and spewed lying hate on social media about police stops so as to inflame and instill fear in the white community. Video refuted their claims but the ‘globalist agenda’ news agencies never do follow-up and show the video that reveal the black’s lies. You’ll find these videos at Colin’s site instead.

    94 % of blacks have no idea what ‘compliance’ means. 94% of blacks during police stops, are non-compliant. They will not show their license when told. They will not get out of the car when told. This is after speeding at 94 mph in a 65. They will not stop reaching in under their seats when told. How many whites, Asians or Latinos reach under their seat when a cop stops them unless they are criminals going for a gun? Blacks? 94% non-compliance.

    Albany NY bus attack? Complete hoax. It resulted in big, big riots. There were 12 video cameras on the bus. The videos where shown to prominent NY black leaders who agreed nothing happened. The bus videos that refute the lie and reveal the hoax, have still not been shown in Albany. Local leaders are afraid there will be more violence if they show the videos of the truth!!!!! Say what??? 94% of blacks could care less about the truth. That’s the fact.

    “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.” Georgetown paying ransom to lying blacks. Obama paying ransom to ‘islamic radicals’. Hmmm . . . who in their right minds believes ransoms stop the perpetrators of the violence and kidnapping? Expect more violence from entitled blacks due to this.

    Michelle never mentions that Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” is entirely about “Playing The Black Card”. I read it long ago. Twice.

    Of course Alinsky would say, ‘blame the opposition of doing exactly what you do so as to cover your act’. While Obama and Michelle “Play the Black Card”, thousands of whites and other ‘non-blacks’ are raped by men like Parker and Cellesitn. That’s just data. More are murdered like those in the video above. That’s just data. More crime out of the black community, black on black, then crime of any other group against any other group and then black apologists point to data showing how the police are more likely to use force against blacks. DUH! If 9 out of 10 blacks rape, rob or kill, you can expect they are not turning themselves in or giving up easily when finally caught.

    Everybody needs to follow the journalist Colin Flaherty on line. Soros and the Globalists have for years been pushing the “Hoax of White on Black violence” under the guise of the manufactured “Social Justice”, when . . . all the statistics prove the exact opposite. “Polar Bear Hunting” is back with a murdering vengeance and still no hate crime prosecutions of a single black even though there have been four well evidenced murders. All on video, all recognizable attackers. No hate crimes for killing whites – no hate crimes for killing the police – no hate crime for killing light skinned Guatamalans. ISIS even noticed and put out a directive at the end of June to ‘kill only whites’ in the US so as to avoid ‘Hate Crime Prosecution’! ISIS knows! Progressives Liberals don’t. ISIS sees! ISIS! for God’s sake!

    The rule is: “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry”

    1. Hadenuff says:

      This doesn’t surprise me the least; after all, this is the same Georgetown that had the crucifixes covered when the Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” visited that faux-Christian college! The Left always looks for scams to procure their easy money rather than having to work for it!


      Remember what Jesus said: “Goats on the left, sheep on the right” (Matthew 25:33).

      Jesus also told Peter that if he wanted to catch fish do it from the right side of the boat. They did and filled the boat with fish.

      John 21:6 (NIV) … He said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.” When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.

      Origin of Left & Right…

      I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called the “right” and Liberals are called the “left”.

      By chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible: Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV) – “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”

      It surely can’t get any simpler than that.

      Spelling Lesson:

      The last four letters in American………. I Can
      The last four letters in Republican…….. I Can
      The last four letters in Democrats……… Rats

      End of lesson ….Test to follow on November 6, 2016.

      Remember, November 2016 is to be set aside as Rodent Removal Month.

      Please share this Bible lesson with all your friends and e-mail buddies to help achieve that goal

  140. Reality says:

    All you must do is ask Jesus’ forgiveness. You don’t have to atone for your sins.

  141. GozieBoy says:

    Breaking News: American Indian Elizabeth Warren issued a statement today that she recently discovered that she is also a 3.7% descendant of African American slaves through DNA testing, the report of which was accidentally deleted via BleachBit. She said the results also revealed that she was 2.7% Polish, 2.3% Jewish, 2.9% Iranian, 1.9% Mandarin Chinese, 1.1% Martian and 3.1% Yorkshire Terrier.

  142. B Da Truth says:

    Obvious to most of us by now, Give them everything and anything you want, they will never act in the same civilized manner as Whites and most of the other races. They just do not have the ability to thrive in a free capitalist society. sorry.

  143. Alfredo says:

    Georgetown is a supposedly Catholic university (well… Jesuit, which *should* also mean Catholic), so why not give preference to Catholics? Of course, real Catholic parents probably shouldn’t send their kids to places like this, anyway.

    1. Contra Ventus says:


      I’m an Irish immigrant, naturalized US citizen, raised Catholic, and am literally scared to hell of the current Pope.

      I would never send one of my children to Georgetown after this. Georgetown alumni, should stop sending money. The U of I, where I went to school is now taking away free speech. I don’t give them a dime. Rise Up! Rise Up! Can you believe they say Georgetown has a good law-school? They say . . . not anymore.

  144. Gloria Negro says:

    I am a descendant and I accept the gift. But, instead of the scholarship, can I get the cash? Bill’s due on my obamaphone.

    Gloria Negro, PhD, MD, J.S.D., ABBA, WHAM!
    Trans-gender, Trans-racial (Do NOT diss me), Trans-special, Trans-occupational, Trans-classical, Trans-social status, Trans-cultural, Trans-dimensional and Transparent .
    Community Organizer, Professor Harvard Skool of Law,
    President, CEO of:
    ISIL (Barrack chapter)
    International La Raza Gringo
    Sr. President BLM, (BLT, too)
    Freedom Road Socialistical Organization (FRSO)
    Black Alliance for Just Socialist Immigration (BAJSI)
    Animals Are People, Too

    1. GozieBoy says:

      My Dear Gloria, just where did we fail you? You don’t ASK for things of this nature — you DEMAND them! And you will sit down and gripe non-stop until you get them!

    2. Brian Osburn says:

      My heroine! Or hero? Oh….whatever!

  145. GozieBoy says:

    I woke up the other day, and found i was living in Bizarro World!

  146. Bizarre. The most obvious population of descendants of slave owners are African Americans: Twenty percent of the DNA of those identifying as African American is European with a great preponderance of European y chromosomes in those males identifying as “African American”. Michelle Obama’s great grandmother was the daughter of her owner. Thomas Jefferson was the father of Sally Heming’s children. She was the sister (!!!) of Jefferson’s dead wife, and was at least 3/4ths white. And apparently looked much like her sister. Jefferson impregnated her when she was 16. In Paris where she could be free if she chose to be! instead she returned to Virginia as his slave because he promised to free her (and his) children when they reached age 21. Which he did not do. The jesuits of Georgetown likely left no descendants. Rather the little slave boys were probably used in unusual ways. It’s clear that the proper compensation for America is for the African American slave owner descendants and the Jesuits of Georgetown pay whites for the great costs of slavery including the Civil War, Welfare and the costs of Affirmative Action. Close Georgetown and seize it’s assets. Collect, say 20 Trillion dollars: we can pay off our national debt. This will finally bring justice for all.

  147. BTW I forgot: one of the worst things about Georgetown: Bill Clinton is an alumnus. Lord that should give us all the willies about this lousy Jesuit dump. Best known for basketball.

  148. Does this include Irish slaves?

  149. RT Mtn says:

    who is going to pay for the Reparation Tuition? It will come out of the general scholarship fund paid mostly by students who pay full tuition. It will also lower the academic standards.

  150. LaRaza4Hillary says:

    Lets face it, blacks are too lazy and stupid to get a free ID card to vote with.

    If we didn’t give them a handicap they simply couldn’t compete with Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and even Golden Retrievers.

    Quit being racist and give the losers a crutch.

  151. Michael 9999 says:

    Being of Celt decent and being the first known slaves in the new world were Scots and Irish they are going to have to let a lot of my family in first!

  152. Brian Osburn says:

    I don’t have any slavery in my ancestry.
    But boy…is this sure fun to watch!

  153. My ancestors were enslaved by the Roman empire. See you next semester!

  154. Johnny James says:

    more creepy racism to correct creepy racism.

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      Spot on!

  155. mrsharfer says:

    The fact that the bulk of college educated voters are voting for crooked hillary tells you how indoctrinated these people are. Really, under this regime what is the point or the good of a college education?

  156. James says:

    Will the Jesuits also give priority to Jews that suffered under the much more brutal Inquisitions they carried out for centuries?

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      “No Irish Need Apply”

      “No Jews Need Apply”

    2. Contra Ventus says:

      “No Irish Need Apply”

      “No Jews Need Apply”

      “No Native Americans Need Apply”

      “No Chinese Need Apply”

      “No Japanese Need Apply”

      Have we here at Georgetown not made this 100% clear yet?!?!?!? What’s wrong with you ‘racists’?

  157. Bud Zecks says:

    Elizabeth Warren will get in because she is 1/64th slave.

  158. mad mike says:

    Close this school for the good of everyone from professors to the American public. Stupidity has to be stopped.

  159. busseja says:

    So long as they take no federal or state money or loans or grants or contracts. This is OK by me. But if they do take any outside money from any taxpayer be it grant, tax forgiveness, or otherwise they need to be cut from that grant, contract or deduction unless they give a similar credit for descendants of confederate soldiers.

  160. Jake Jones says:

    This is clearly just more lib pandering to whiners. What is the definition of slave for these libs? I very much doubt they will prove the same benefits to Irish and Chinese descendants as they will to blacks. How will these “black slave descendants have to prove they were slaves to US whites and not blacks or those from other countries? I am sure these libs will be “fair” to the N’s, because America has so abused them by giving more freedom than they would have ever imagined in the diseased ridden African home countries.

  161. Joe P says:

    How does one prove their lineage?

  162. Very few slave descendants today can actually prove they had slave ancestors much less they descended from a particular slave. Despite the Ancestry TV show; a record that a particular slave owner owned a slave of a particular sex and age is not real proof. They will either have to limit this program or basically open it up to anyone who checks the box.

  163. Carla Greenwood says:

    Just declare it a blacks only college and move on down the road.

  164. ipso_facto says:

    Dear current President, GU former Presidents concluded legal business 178 years ago. You do not need to respond.

  165. Fred Sherman says:

    Anyone got a problem with this?

    I don’t. First GU is a private institution and can do whatever it wants to do. Second, this isn’t about race. This is about individuals with a specific historical relationship to the monastic order that founded and administers the university. Third, the policy is deeply rooted in the Catholic theology of attonement and penitence. I wholeheartedly agree with this.

  166. You know, if you go back far enough, EVERYONE has descendants who were slaves.

    1. Contra Ventus says:


  167. itsy_bitsy says:

    Don’t they do that already? I believe they do!

  168. Every University with an athletic program has already been doing this for decades

  169. Oh, so now the elite guardians of our history, culture, and tradition have decided that creating injustices to some today will remedy past injustices to some others! Remember the applicable truism that “two wrongs don’t make a right”? Well, we have truly lost our moral compass and deserve the social decay that our majority is willing to tolerate. No social order based upon legislated privilege, as opposed to merit, can long survive its inefficiencies and denial of reality!

  170. KingAir100 says:

    Why not stand up a little further and pay them for coming there. I mean that is the point isn’t it. Reparation is the word I hear quite often, so open up that big old checkbook and start making it right. Then maybe they can just stay home and collect a check. More of the same and a little ironic don’t you think?

  171. My parents came from Italy. No doubt they were descended from SLAVES OF ROMANS. Therefore, I DEMAND REPARATIONS FROM ROME….NOW!

  172. Man_in_PA says:

    Will they give lowest priority to descendants of slave holders like the Obamas?

  173. Sal says:

    I was thinking the same thing. In fact, my grandmother was basically a serf in Italy before she came here. Does Serfdom count also with the Jesuits. Perhaps just a little?

  174. Overinformed-Voter says:

    This is about the most racist, stupid, backwards, bigoted policy I’ve ever heard. What preference do these people get if their own family sold them into slavery? Do they get moved to the back of the line behind all the white people who had nothing to do with slavery?

  175. Hammad says:

    I feel all warm and fuzzy now…thank you Georgetown!

  176. J Wall says:

    The U.S. Supreme Court in Robert Fenwick, Plaintiff versus Eliza Chapman and Robert Chapman, by Kitty Chapman, 1796, ch 67, s 13 held that slaves could NOT be freed by manumission, if done in prejudice to creditors. Thomas Jefferson, Georgetown University and all slave holders were required by the Supreme Court to satisfy all debts before slaves could be freed. In the case of a will freeing a slave on death, they could only be freed after all debts and funeral charges were paid out of the estate of the deceased.

    United States Supreme Court Reports, Volume 9, held “The creditors of the testator must look to the real estate for the payment of debts which may remain unpaid after the personal assets, exclusive of manumitted slaves, have been first exhausted”. Then and only then could slaves be freed if all debts had been first paid off.

    Georgetown should have consulted the Georgetown Law School to research applicable case law history in the early 1800’s. As an aside Thomas Jefferson who was deeply in debt, risked everything to buy back slaves his decesed father-in-law had sold to other slave owners, so that the affected family units sold by his father in law could be reunited and families keep together.

  177. Sumner Kagan says:

    What about the decedents of the Native Americans that blacks helped round up and kill? My forefathers were hunted down and slaughtered for fun and the survivors were put on reservations by blacks as well as whites. I get any reparations?

  178. Omaeileen says:

    Once upon a time Georgetown was really an outstanding university. Now it is just another liberal progressive school for brainless clowns!

  179. Margy Sanger says:

    another day, same old nest of /\/igger-whining simians

  180. Omaeileen says:

    Guess Elizabeth Warren will be applying saying she was once a slave. Wonder if she was a slave before she was an Indian or an Indian prior to being slaving in the cotton fields.

  181. George says:

    My SAT scores suck, just like my grades, but I’m really gettin’ in touch with my Black side. Good enough?

  182. Nick says:

    Stupid is as stupid does!!!!!!!

  183. Tom Masters says:

    An estimated 3,000 blacks owned a total of 20,000 black slaves in the year 1860. One study concluded that 28 percent of free blacks owned slaves, which is a far higher percentage than that of free whites who owned slaves.

    Where’s muh mony

  184. sick of the stupidity says:

    By admitting this, does this imply culpability under the law?
    Could these beneficiaries as well as past graduates then sue for reparations?

  185. Guber says:

    So… present-day Chinese slaves working in sweatshops in NY Chinatown or in Triad-owned brothels need not apply. Only whiny 5th-6th generation Once Upon a Time slave “descendants.”

    Got it.

  186. bwj says:

    Just another form of discrimination!! Another case of college administrators living in the land of make believe.

  187. Why stop there. Just grant them a degree of their choice without even having to attend the school. Where will the hand holding of the poor black people end? By the way, I’m white and my ancestors were also slaves once (just wasn’t on this continent). Where is my handout?

  188. BarackMugabe says:

    Leftists have LONG been engaging in this kind of racial discrimination, for decades. And they always find some specious rationale to justify it, and wrap it flowery, Orwellian language.

    Members of the party of slavery just can’t help themselves — bigotry has been embedded in their rotting, racist DNA since the party’s rancid inception.

  189. bwj says:

    Actually, every applicant should check that box. How will they be able to prove or disprove it?

  190. Lulua Mahalo says:

    I’m white, but I’m sorta sure there must be someone in my genealogy that was related to one of those slaves.

    So, I’m applying for special treatment…after all, I didn’t know I was offended by what happened 178 years ago.

    Besides, how will they know? …I’ll just claim to be bi-racial and be among the thousands making a claim.

  191. Jim McAnulty says:

    Probably the most insultin stupid thing I have ever read coming out of a university.

  192. Alternet09 says:

    It would be fantastic if a bunch of Irish and Chineese applied for admission.

  193. Alternet09 says:

    “the descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits.”
    Nice little caviet you have there……So decendants of just your average slave don’t count, eh?

  194. Dan says:

    At some point I think we’re just going to have to concede that what is coming out of some of these “disenfranchised” groups has neither the ability nor the drive to improve their intellect. They can either sit on a stoop where they’re just taking up walk space or sit in a desk in a college campus where they are denying someone with the ability and drive a chance to improve their intellect in the hopes of getting a bit closer to their American dream.

    Sorry but the truth can hurt sometime. Georgetown has just become an active contributor to the bigger picture problem in the inner cities. More handouts for those that don’t want them is not the answer.

  195. Miles Hession II says:

    No wonder the “degrees” they give are worthless and kids can’t get a job

  196. ‘Priority’ means double-triple points on entrance exam. Georgetown has joined the likes of community colleges.

  197. Bill Becton says:

    How about me? My ancestors were American Indian and WHITEY stole their land and made them alcoholic’s .

  198. Herman Nelson says:

    Does this include white indentured servants..? Indentured servants are another form of slavery. There’s a reason why the founding fathers made debtor prisons illegal.

  199. King Dad says:

    So many Fine to Outstanding comments that condemn this Clearly Racist and Bigoted Policy I really have nothing to add but my support for it being Overturned.

  200. James Cygnus says:

    My ancestors were murdered, their women raped and children stolen by the so called “Buffalo Soldiers”. Does that mean we Native Americans get priority over their descendants?

  201. Chris Crews says:

    Soooo…..there is a portion of the white population that has black ancestry,and likewise there is a portion of the black population who immigrated after the 1860s, from Africa, the West Indies, etc. So how does Georgetown proposed to identify the descendants of slaves? The Somali’s definitely don’t fit the perceived criteria, other than pigmentation (which would be racist). So what? Does every applicant to Georgetown need to provide a DNA ancestry test with their admissions package? If I were denied space at Georgetown, I’d sue the administration until they bleed millions, while screaming in agony. At any rate this could very well be the end of Georgetown University. When you hire based on demographics rather than abilities, you’re doomed. I suppose it would likely be the same for academics, that is unless there’s other tests they apply concurrently with the pigmentation test, to decide admissions. They also need to determine who qualifies as the descendants of slaves, whether it is only black or brown people, or if the descendants of Irish conscripts/indentured servants are also considered in this category. Good luck Georgetown. You’re about to lose in a YYYUUGGGGEEEE way! I’d never send my kid to Georgetown after this show of idiocy and spinelessness.

  202. I am going to have a good time when the first white kid researches their family history to find out he/she had a slave ancestor.

  203. The slave descendants will flunk out in a semester and blame the white patriarchy for their failure. And get paid for it.

  204. Rich001 says:

    Sure, why not reinforce the pervasive victim mentality of blacks. And let’s really do the right thing and pressure those affirmative action slave decendants to take black studies as their college major. And make certain they have segregated housing and student centers with lots of “safe places” for them to hide. Then, when they graduate (more likely if they graduate) se them fail dismally when they face the real world, unless they get a job in government or academia of course. And the result will be that blacks will remain at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder another 150 years from now – and deserve to be. If I were black, I would be outraged by this nonsense.

  205. wrmarley says:

    How about preferential treatment for the descendants of Union soldiers?

  206. Tom M. says:

    Why are we stopping at 1838? Eve tricked Adam into biting the apple. I demand restitution for all men.

  207. tps says:

    That alumni donation I make yearly of $2,000? Kiss it goodbye. I encourage all alumni to do the same.

  208. Dantes says:

    This doesn’t go far enough. If Georgetown is serious about making up for the past, then it should enact a policy by which no descendent of a slaveowner should be allowed to attend Georgetown, and any degrees awarded to descendents of slaveowners should be revoked. It’s only fair.

  209. Markman says:

    Our educational revisionist of history are winning at the expense of sending the greatest nation on earth into history itself. And to think Georgetown is a Catholic university. Makes me question my financial support for the Catholic Church.

  210. how will Georgetown protect itself from false claims? will they need proof of purchase?
    some of those descendants may look white… oooops! open a can of worms and the birds will come out of nowhere for a free meal.

  211. What about the descendants of the Georgetown students that volunteered to fight for the Union?

  212. Cole says:

    OH……so they can become DEBT SLAVES…..got it !

  213. Not Chicken Little says:

    Our institutions of higher learning used to have some integrity, plus they actually taught useful subjects in the search for truth. Then they became “institutions of higher earning” because of the cachet from their previous glory, but they have now devolved to disseminating politically-correct propaganda and are just indoctrination mills which saddle their students with many dozens of thousands of dollars of debt while barely qualifying them for $15/hour jobs flipping burgers (in progressive cities they might get that much until the joint goes out of business).

  214. Rick759335 says:

    The Jesuits still consider blacks animals no matter this change in policy.

  215. Dark Hammer says:

    Just wondering if it includes white descendants or just the black ones. If they intermarried with a white, do their descendants get the same treatment?

  216. SharpShtik says:

    Leftists generating more irrational excuses to decrease average intelligence and knowledge – at Georgetown in this case.

  217. Rick759398 says:

    The Jesuit Order needs more black.

  218. 400,000 dead Union troops from the Civil War means “debt paid in full”.

  219. John says:

    If they can prove they are decended, they should get free or greatly reduced tuition as well.

  220. Wow, how low will they drop the SAT scores?

  221. Rick7593443 says:

    Unearned 200 SAT points not enough?

  222. Wharfplank says:

    Scratch another school off the college shopping list…wouldn’t send my kid there now if it was free. There are other, more professional, options.

    1. Rick755544 says:

      Stay away from Jesuit run institutions like this. You’re children wont learn anything.

  223. jeff rogers says:

    why r u trying to apologize for something NO ONE ALIVE ever lived. Heck we care less about the millions of jews exterminated just 75 years ago…….let alone some black person 250 years ago. Get over your self pity.

  224. Maybe all the historically black colleges/universities could give preferential treatment to white families who have ancestors who died working on the underground railroad, or died during the Civil War? No?

    LETS REVIEW: OVER 600,000 people died in 4 years during the war to end slavery. 600,000 (historians think probably 750,000). But their ancestors don’t count.

    According to Henry Louis Gates (liberal author & professor) ONLY 388,000 slaves EVER landed in North America from 1525 to 1866). But the Democrats are STILL using slavery to their advantage. They will never let it go. Ever. Too profitable for them.

  225. Don says:

    Fact is they are a private institution and can do as they please. Problem is that many of these descendants may not be equip to go to a school of this academic level. Does no could to set some one up to fail when they could have been a success at a state school or in a trade. Enslave them again as a failure academically.

  226. Wild Bill Bubby says:

    What do I get? My great great great grandpa was held captive by the Sioux and treated as a slave. What can I get? Can I get money?

  227. Duke Sweden says:

    A member of Georgetown’s faculty ran over my foot a few years ago. When am I going to get justice!!!!

  228. OscarDemolski says:

    But the Irish already have Notre Dame!
    Oh wait, you mean slaves of Democrats?
    Never mind …

  229. Heres a question for you Georgetown University….what happens if no one from this “special group” meets the minimum enrollment standards……..do you just lower the bar?

  230. american1975 says:

    Just more Establishment race-baiting. D/R, Red State/Blue State, Left/Right, Race/Gender- all manufactured, magnified and propagandized tools of artificial division for the corrupt Establishment to CONTROL us with.

    We are today left with just sic gigantic multinational corporations that control 90% of ALL media in this country. 90% of everything available for you to see, read or hear is pumped through this monopoly media filter. They use this monopoly power to push propaganda to advance their agendas or misdirect the public’s attention away from them. Their irrelevant (compared to their gigantic multinational corporate parent’s bottom line) “news” divisions exist to push this misdirection and the promote artificial “divisions” to keep us fighting with one another.

    IF we all came together as AMERICANS, stopped fighting with one another over meaningless manufactured differences we’d take a hard look at the string pullers and put a stop to their “globalist” open looting of the nation. The mainstream media exists to prevent this from ever happening. An informed and engaged population on the real issues of money and power is the last thing they want.

    Catch yourself when they try and bait you into becoming another one of their “useful” idiots, lest you one day wake up and realize you are no longer “useful”- but have been an idiot.

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      You hit it on the head.

  231. You can’t prove ancestry when records are missing or incomplete. So they’ll end upgiving free tuition plus room & board to EVERY black student who applies. (What academic standards?)

  232. Paul Mason says:

    A key problem is that the average Black IQ is way below the average White or Asian IQ. One solution available in 5-10 years may be “genetic engineering”, allowing parents to pick the IQ, skin color, facial features, and athletic abilities (Football or Tennis?) of their children. Genetic Engineering will put an end to racism, and make ALL existing races obsolete (like Cavemen).

    In the meantime, Georgetown U. needs to tailor their courses to the abilities of their students.

    Another humane solution would be to offer each American Black $100,000 cash and a First Class Airfare to the African country of their choice, if they will give up their US citizenship. That’s a lot cheaper than the cost of jailing them repeatedly, for years and years. And more humane, too.

    God Bless Everyone!


  233. Let me understand this policy. To prove a slave descendant, it wiil be based upon race, color and creed. How about scholastic ability? Gee, what a novel idea.

  234. How about something for me in reply to my Mormon ancestors that had an official US government extermination ordered issued against them in 1838 that was only rescinded in 1976?

  235. christopher312 says:

    This is reparations — plain and simple.

  236. deimos says:

    that’s cool, from now on I will pay attention to what diplomas hang on the walls and if I see a Georgetown one I will know the person who has it is not the best and brightest so I will move on.

  237. Gerard Neumann says:

    As liberty is the exception in history, we are all descendants of slaves.

  238. Walt Horning says:

    2 Kings 14:6 ” … The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, nor the children be put to death for the fathers; but every man shall be put to death for his own sin.”

    The above reflects equality and justice. Georgetown and other liberal schools do NOT represent justice and equality when they punish 5th and 6th generation children of former slave owners by treating them as 2nd class citizens. Furthermore, they do not represent justice and equality when 20% of slave owners were free blacks. In fact, the first recorded slave owner was a black man.

    These are not schools of “higher” learning when they teach political lies of the lower sort.

  239. All People at one time or another in all of history were slaves. Grow the F8*k up!

  240. Mike0oSS says:

    The race to the bottom continues….

  241. jack thomas says:

    Employers to give Georgetown Graduates LEAST Consideration for employment

  242. So, I guess the statute of limitations has not run on this 185 year old event???
    What about my Bohemian ancestors, who were reviled here as Bohunks??? Where is my preferential treatment???

  243. J. Smith says:

    Seems like these universities are intentionally trying to “out-liberal” each other by adopting an even more idiotic policy than the previous school did.

    Just this week some school recommended speaking in campus housing only when necessary to minimize even the chance of inadvertently saying something a delicate snowflake might perceive as a “micro-aggression”.

    There’s not a whit of common sense left on college campuses these days.

  244. At the time of our nations founding the entire world had slavery, of all races. It is not Ameicas original sin, it is the worlds original sin. The way to defeat it is to stop the culture of victimization and move beyond it.

    1. james says:

      Preach it man over and over until the whole world gets the message…AMEN best message I have heard in a long time…

  245. Jeremy Davis says:

    Oh no, don’t use academic record or ability as the primary factor. Preferred admission only for special blacks. I applaud Georgetown’s ability to continue to discriminate against most of the group they’re purporting to favor. Quite impressive. I’m gonna have to pay attention to how this turns out.

  246. What a can of worms this University has opened ? Half of the people living today, had slaves in their history, black and white. Are they going to dig up these slaves and get a DNA sample and run thousands of people and give them all an education if they match? My long gone Irish Grandfather told me that he was told in no uncertain terms when he applied for a job as a Fireman, that Dogs, N….s and Irish trash, need not apply. So I guess a lot of people need some of that good old atonement. Liberals seem to have a Jesus complex. They want to fix us all up and undo all that harm of the past and insist that we are all equal in every single way. They are also very stupid about money, boundaries and common sense is something very far from their Sensorium. You cannot atone for the past, unless all German Universities give all Jews a free pass. After all, this is the most recent, world wide and understood injustice and inhumanity to man. Blacks will never let you atone. They need this scare to justify their own lack of motivation.

  247. Rouamadi says:

    Common sense dictates that if the Jesuits want to be of any help please give that young black
    HS student who is academically successful that opportunity. Using slavery is quite idiotic in 2016. Are the Jesuits still a Catholic Order?

    1. Rick7394088 says:

      Bonus points based on race and religion already exist. The Jesuits are cowards to not just describe the bonus points in their admission materials.

  248. Greg Cochran says:

    Somebody is gonna win a lot of money when the lawsuit is over,

  249. Mark Mach says:

    Withhold all federal funding (a huge part of the federal budget) including grants (usually free money) and let them admit who they want. Allow other institutions to do the same. Maybe education would improve.
    Btw, Just how long will it take former slaves’ descendants 150 years after the fact to catch up with – or without preferred treatment?

  250. Rick73940879 says:

    Bonus SAT points:
    +250 for Africans
    +185 for Latinos
    -50 for Asians
    +500 for Jews

  251. Reina says:

    Georgetown degree now equals a free handout. And so the value of a Georgetown University degree just went to zero in the marketplace. But if you become a democratic party official after graduation it is your ticket to a work free life.

  252. People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into White countries.

    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  253. John Xonk says:

    Fine. NON-slave descendents stop going to Georgetown University and let it die a fast death, Georgetown can give preference and free tuition for all their slave descendant students and be a slave University. Let them go out of business, since Georgetown has let the loony left take over their school.

  254. John Xonk says:

    Blacks are just hurting themselves with the free giveaways and Affirmative Action. When a black does study and does well, nobody believes they earned it. They will always be doubted and eyed with suspicion by all other races.

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      It’s the black ‘Special’ Olympics.

      In the real ‘Special Olympics’, those kids pay for their own college. They prove themselves.

  255. ounceoflogic says:

    Everything Trump says about Democrats/Progressives and their African/Americans is absolutely true. Constant capitulation… America is fast becoming a sad, sad place.

  256. robert kelly says:

    Since test after test after test reveals that the average black High School grad reads on an 8th grade level and does math at about the fourth grade, I’m wondering how much “fixing” is going to be required to get these people passing grades on courses, because they lack the necessary I.Q. to do the course work at a passing level.

    Right now black students are given AA in entry, grades and certification, and do just the easy courses, but they still are having great difficulty in understanding at a normal level. That’s why we are seeing so much black mob upheaval at the colleges now, wherein blacks are calling for easier coursework and black professors, because they say white professors don’t understand “black “culture. But what that has to do with being able to learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide is anybody’s guess.,

    I’;m thinking this university is in for some horrendous times in letting in more unqualified trouble-making blacks. And, I think it’s disgraceful that ALL other students are required to understand and learn course work, but blacks.

  257. Mackinac3 says:

    The people who enslaved are gone. Those that were enslaved are gone. No one owes anyone anything. No one is entitled to anything. Get over yourselves and move on. The past owes you nothing!

  258. Franko K. says:

    Already gave more than $2 trillion reparations Re welfare benefits.
    The degradation of the black nuclear family is the fault of DEMS and the welfare state started under Johnson’s “great society” and always gets new life under DEM presidents including O-BUM-mer and any Dem controlled congress. The Republicans during Clinton’s term tried to push back undeserved welfare – now it’s worse than ever. Can you imagine welfare and the further degradation of black families out of work with rampant illegal immigration under Hillary?
    search: “Black progression & retrogression”
    and “Challenges for black people”
    and “Challenges for black people (Part II)” by (black) Walter Williams.

  259. What about the 22 Trillion dollars in Title VI funding that was stolen from the tax-payers over the last 50 years to help blacks pull themselves out of poverty? Wasn’t that enough?

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      It will never be enough. ‘Self-weaning’ is a foreign concept to ‘sheeple’.

      And if it weren’t for give-a-ways, and the racist indoctrination provided by Georgetown, who would ever vote Democratic?

      Democrats sure haven’t shown any policy decisions that are worth voting for, unless, of course, you like to see Communist Chinese aircraft ‘Top Gunning’ our Navy, Iranians taking our soldiers for ransom, again and again, and North Korea firing nuclear-warhead-capable missiles toward Japan. Oh yeah, and CIVIL WAR II here. I know I’ve missed a ton. . .

      Instead of a cherry on top of this world-shake, a globe in flames may be more apropos.

  260. Chuck says:

    Since Georgetown has elected to act stupid, How about we the descendants of slave owners? We are due reparations for property loss. A free ride would held with our suffering.

  261. Myyne Gaime says:

    You do realize you have now opened yourself also to lawsuits? I mean if you’re willing to pay for you error in the manner, shouldn’t you be willing to also pay monetarily. Clearly you are admitting to causing the descendants of slavery grief, therefore you are admitting to the wrong doing associated with it.. I hope you get sued for every last penny.. Then you can scratch your head and wonder where your white guilt got you.

  262. hitrestart1 says:

    Whites were also slaves who worked right alongside black slaves. But don’t let pesky things like history get in the way of the communist agenda.

  263. Contra Ventus says:

    “No Irish Need Apply”

    “No Jews Need Apply”

    “No American Indians Need Apply”

    “No Chinese Need Apply”

    “No Japanese Need Apply”

    Have we at Georgetown not made this clear yet ?!?!?!?

  264. mike henricks says:

    If they are going to do as they say then descendants of Union soldiers should also be given the same accord.

  265. Seth Trent says:

    Only 1% of Americans ever owned a slave..So good luck in finding even one descendant.

    1. Faust says:

      on;y 1% of Americans ever owned a slave”

      Was it that small, I always understood 10% of Southerners. Makes fighting for the Confederacy sound like going to war to protect your neighbors right to own a new car.

  266. james says:

    So they are using a basis to see if they can get around being racist..

  267. Not to put too fine a point on it but we had a little dust up in the early 1860s to settle this question. I would have thought the thousands of dead put paid to that debt. Not to mention that there have been NO slaves in the United states for a hundred and fifty years.

    Wanna see slavery in the 21st Century? Go to any muslim controlled sh1thole.

    As for you Georgetown clowns – good move. You’ve once again demonstrated that there IS a special stupid school where university administrator wannabes go to hone their skills at stupidity.

  268. Navin Flashheart says:

    I met a guy once who went to Georgetown. He messed up my drink order.

    Georgetown is pretending they are atoning for this history. They’re not. They’re making the students who are going to be passed up pay for it. Georgetown is still going to get paid, while at the same time serve themselves up a lovely social justice marketing tool. Not only are they not sacrificing a thing, they’re profiting from the situation. This is grandstanding.

  269. So Georgetown university is going to “identify” living descendants of long dead slaves and give them something in an attempt to atone for past injustices? Well, in all fairness, when the current living descendants have children, won’t those children also be owed something by society? I would think so because such children can automatically claim to ALSO be descendants of long dead slaves and therefore they are “owed.” When and does this procedure every cease? Or does it continue for eternity? In all fairness, what about this idea. Make every living person who ever actually profited from slavery write a check to all living people who actually suffered from slavery. What could be more fair?

  270. David says:

    Simply preposterous. Political correctness simply gone awry. I can only see this policy as PC or a marketing scheme.

  271. sam says:

    Enough with this total b.s. : they are perpetuating discrimination and re-enacting daily the horror of slavery into a different context. Enough is enough.

  272. frank phenix says:

    Political stunt , is usually the most honesty you will find

    but all have fallen short of the glory of God

    Reverse the shoes , the same would have happened

  273. Scott Vines says:

    Does this mean my quarter Chinese, quarter Polish/German, 7/16 British Isles, 1/16 other including AFRICAN AMERICAN children will get priority now? I’ve got the DNA to prove it. What a joke.

  274. How about preferential treatment for ancestors of Northerners who gave their lives to free the slaves?

  275. RTUT says:

    My father, grandfather, and great grandfather were slaves to the US government tax system, particularly property tax. I work half my live supporting others welfare. I qualify and should get reduced rates as well.

  276. What about someone that can trace their family back to slaves held by the Romans?

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      . . . just make sure some were black and violent and you’ll have no problem.

  277. peter zolla says:

    Georgetown is actually the one being racist.. by doing this they are saying blacks are too stupid to get in on their own merits. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

  278. DJG says:

    Georgetown isn’t atoning, they are making the rest of us atone.

  279. Rick7394088 says:

    Can a black who owned black slaves qualify?

  280. Philt says:

    Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton @ Harvard should all be shut down for their Slavery connections…no amount of money or apologies will ever make up for their foul history

  281. Jim says:

    Wow, this is really amazing. As a black man I thought racism was an overreaction by blacks and that they shouldn’t always cry foul, but reading these comments have me thinking otherwise. What do slave traders in Africa have to do with anything? The fact is that Georgetown profited from selling slaves which they should not have done and they are making a conscious decision to atone for it. What’s wrong with that?

    Furthermore, the Union army didn’t fight to free the slaves they fought to save the union. Learn your history. The slaves were not freed until year 3 of the war. Lastly you can’t compare an Irish indentured servant to a slave who is in bondage for life. Are you serious? Man, I can’t belief how ridiculous these responses are.

  282. Joe Neckbone says:

    How about giving priority for admission to the relatives of Union soldiers and all those abolitionists that fought AGAINST slavery.

  283. Jim says:

    Priority over the actual descendants of slaves that were sold against their will? Really? Are you smoking something?Union soldiers fought to save the Union not to free the slaves, although their sacrifice and valor are much appreciated.

    I’m waiting on you to justify slavery now.

  284. Name Withheld says:

    These University administering twits will discover that they have opened Pandora’s box by announcing this bit of utter nonsense policy. The leech has two daughters, Give and Give. Just gaining admissions preference will now not be enough, They will now demand free tuition upon hearing of the new favor granted them!! These “educated” elite should have read and heeded Proverbs 30 if they really wanted to act “wisely”. A nation cannot bear up under a slave who becomes King God warns.

  285. Jane Ricci says:

    Why would you hire someone who got into Georgetown, simply by claiming they are descendants of slaves? Who would trust a surgeon or engineer who got into Georgetown through racial preference? Merit is a true judge of character and ability.

  286. thenpp1 says:

    I’ve never owned slaves. Why am I being punished?

  287. will this be also for those who identify as “white” or part “white” or is it just for those who identify as black or part black???

  288. Polybius says:

    How about giving Preference for the ancestors of those that died so that these un-grateful people can have so much. How about preference to the Hebrew who slaved away in Egypt for generations- oh, I know why- they’re almost all white or Jewish.

  289. countmahdrof says:

    I’m of Spanish descent, and have ancestors that were enslaved by the Moors (African Muslims). Where can I go to get my reparations? My wife is of Slavic descent. Since the very word “slave” is derived from her ancestors’ enslavement, when can she go?

  290. My ancestors raped and pillaged the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Isles back in the 1100 and 1200s.

    Am I on the hook for anything?

  291. Edward J Max says:

    Everybody is a Racialist these days. It is time to say “Enough”!

  292. Bruce Pestell says:

    Pigford University.

  293. jim1988 says:

    I assume Jews, who were enslaved by Egypt, get priority?
    Or Filipinos, who today are enslaved in Saudi Arabia?

  294. MarkJ says:

    Adding on to what has already been said, I had 3 ancestors who fought in the Union Army (117th and 124th Indiana volunteer infantry regiments) during the Civil War. One of them died outside of Atlanta in 1864. Does this mean my kids can get preferential treatment too if they apply at Georgetown?

  295. patrick says:

    Puuuurfect. Bring slaves to the institution to teach them how to be good little slaves. The irony…..and the do lts do not see it!

  296. Contra Ventus says:

    This is a test post! Let’s see if I’ve gotten too close to the truth. Maybe it’s the microaggresions?

  297. DC says:

    F* U you kowtowing Hoya toadies. I hate your obsequious pultroonery. When will America get over this BS of apologizing for a historical time that none of us had anything to do with.
    I hate the f8Cking world of Obama and Hillary. This liberal PC BS has the world at each other’s throats.
    Obama can’t get the hell out fast enough!! AND NO HILLARY, The Liar either. FU, Georgetown for being cowards.

  298. Contra Ventus says:

    Still can’t get my post through. Not a single foul word? Hmmm . . . too tired to figure out why I can’t respond to Jim’s Civil War inaccuracies, among other perceptions of his . . . going to bed.

    I’m still awake from yesterday. Good night, all. Even you Jim.

  299. The problem when you give things to people, they do not appreciate and are not entitled to what they never earned.. They ought to hand out broom sticks to people instead of HS diplomas to most graduates now so they know their future careers. College Diplomas aren’t much better now that federal money drives the quality of education down. I don’t mind they compete with every one else on equal terms, but having them there because idiots who never owned a slave feel guilt. Buy Brooms instead of Diplomas to hand out.

  300. mjb132132@yahoo.com says:

    My Grandfather 14 generations back was a slave to the Romans. Could I get in?

  301. My Grandfather 16 generations back was a slave to the Romans. Could I use that to get in?

  302. Mark T Davis says:

    Only 4% of the slaves brought from Africa ended up in North America. 96% went to the Caribbean and South America; overwhelmingly to Brazil. Not that facts matter much.

  303. Susan Dix says:

    How do these people prove that they are descended from slaves? Who decides who gets admitted first? Loads of questions here. Why now? Just plain why? It only served to stir up
    more of an already divided nation!!! We cannot be held accountable for the misdeeds of the past. No one in the black race is a slave today. So get over it and get on with your life now!
    Everyone in this world can claim to be a victim of something, so why not give everyone a break?

  304. Maggietish says:

    If this is Georgetown’s decision, so be it. The donors will also make their decision whether they continue to support the University and of course all federal tax payer money must be withdrawn from the University. They’ve chosen this position which is discriminating against every other ethnic group in America. Again, because of that old taxpayer money going to that university must end immediately. I’m sure there are other universities that would be glad to get that money and get other ethnic groups a chance at an education. One wonders how can they prove who is a descendent of slaves. This decision of their is his breeding racism and division among the people of America and obviously that’s what Georgetown wants but they can no longer do it on our dime. What are they planning on doing with the people of other ethnic groups that are descendants of slaves or are they simply ignoring that.

  305. jemb says:

    OK, so how about special consideration for children of German immigrants, Irish, Itallian, Russian, British, and so on and so on immigrants? There’s absolutly nothing special about the Black/slave immigrants. If you want to help them – get them through high school at the same levels as other colored skin students. The Blacks think they’re entitled to special consideration because they can shout and cry more loudly than others. Most of those looking for special consideration are not candidates for college – that is unless you lower your standards to accomodate them and if it’s the case, who would even consider hiring a Georgetown graduate.

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