5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sen. Tim Kaine

Washington (CBS) – Democratic Senator Tim Kaine has been selected as Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

This is not the first time Sen. Kaine’s name had been on a short list in a presidential election. He was also a possible VP pick for Barack Obama back in 2008.

Here are a few other things you may not have known about the senator from Virginia:

He may appeal to a broad array of voters.

Sen. Kaine is popular with Independents and some Republicans because of his abortion and gun-control positions that lean to the right, as well as his strong Christian faith. His fluency in Spanish and attendance at a predominantly black church attracts minorities.

He met his wife at Harvard Law and lives in Richmond.

Kaine met his wife, Anne Holton, during a study group at Harvard. The couple married in 1984, a year after Kaine graduated with his Juris Doctor. Kaine and his wife settled down in the Northside neighborhood of Virginia where the two still live today. They have three children named Annella, Woody, and Nat, all of which attended public school in Richmond.

He has executive and legislative experience.

Before he was elected to the Senate in 2012, Kaine was the governor of Virginia from 2006-2010. He was also the mayor of Richmond from 1998-2000. Kaine is one of only 20 people in America to serve as a mayor, governor, and a senator.

He accepted monetary gifts while governor. It’s legal in Virginia.

Yep, that’s right. It’s not against the law to accept gifts in Virginia. Kaine accepted $160,000 in gifts while governor. His campaign emphasized that he has gone way above disclosure agreements.

He cut his pay as governor of Virginia.

Kaine worked to cut 667,000 overall expenses of the executive’s office. This included a 5% reduction in his own salary.

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