by Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — It took 15 home games, but racing president Abraham Lincoln has finally won his first race of the season at Nationals Park. It happened during Scherzer’s magical 20 strikeout performance on Wednesday night:

According to stats from, a blog devoted to tracking the race results and how each was won, Lincoln was the last mascot left to win a race in 2016. Even Screech, who rarely participates, was gifted a win by colluding mascots brought in to celebrate his birthday:

According to LetTeddyWin, Lincoln did not need shenanigans or interference in order to win, simply outracing his competition in a foot race to the finish. Or did he?

It should be noted that Lincoln was the 2015 champion, winning 21 races. He also won his first April 9, more than a month earlier than in 2016. In fact, this is the latest first win of a season since 2013, when he was held winless until May 25.

It should also be noted that Lincoln is a consistent performer, finishing either first or second every season except 2007. In addition to his championship in 2015, he was also the top performer each season between 2008-11.

The Presidents Race has been a fixture at Nats home games since 2006, and is run along the right field wall in the middle of each fourth inning. With his first win out of the way, it will be interesting to see if Lincoln can find his way back to the top of the rankings for a repeat championship:



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