By Chris Lingebach

UPDATE: Dukes called into The Junkies, going back and forth with JP for two segments, Wednesday morning. That audio has been added to the bottom of this post.

WASHINGTON —  The 2016 NFL Draft is nearly here, which means Sports Twitter timelines are cluttered with mock drafts, those things where people loosely affiliated with the outer fringe of the NFL “predict” which teams will select which players and when. It’s all incredibly eventful.

On Tuesday, Sports Junkies producer Matt Cahill read on the air a rundown of guests the show has booked for a mock draft segment planned for 8:20 a.m. on Thursday. In that segment, their guests — a who’s who of radio station personnel — will make their own predictions for the top ten picks in the draft, as well as who the Redskins will select with the 21st overall pick.

“There’s the four of you guys, myself and Valdez, AWadd and Pete, and then we have our special guest, Chad Dukes, and Bode will be making picks this year,” Cahill explained.

Junkies co-host John-Paul Flaim was instantly reminded, upon hearing the lineup read aloud, of the show’s glory days, prompting him to say some not nice things about some very nice people.

“By the way, this is what it’s devolved to. This isn’t, he’s going to take it as a huge criticism, ” Flaim said of his target. “But back in the day, we used to have the mock drafts and we would have a guest from each city, often a play-by-play guy, a color commentator, maybe a beat reporter from that city. They would talk for two to three minutes about their team and then they would make a pick. And then we’d move on.”

“Now we have Bode, and Chad Dukes and funny Danny,” he lobbed the grenade. “And us.”

Word got back to at least one of those nice people (Chad Dukes), who happens to have his own radio platform from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on 106.7 The Fan. Dukes took a moment during his broadcast to address those unkind words directed at him by Flaim.

These two have history, so it’s probably worth listening below without any further explanation. The audio starts with Flaim’s comments and, about two minutes in, you’ll hear Dukes cut in. Some mock draft talk we can all enjoy!

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