You’ve got your milk and bread, you’ve got your shovels, you’ve got your extra batteries.

Now lets get down to the fun stuff. Do you have a fantastic place to go sledding?

If you live anywhere near the Capitol you do. And, unlike in years past, you can now ride down the country’s most famous hill completely legally.

In a spending bill passed by Congress last month, lawmakers lifted the longtime ban on snow day fun on the Capitol grounds.

According to a report that accompanied the bill:

“The Committee understands the need to maintain safety and order on the Capitol grounds and commends the Capitol Police for their efforts. However, given the family-style neighborhood that the Capitol shares with the surrounding community the Committee would instruct the Capitol Police to forebear enforcement of 2 U.S.C. 1963 (‘‘An act to protect the public property, turf, and grass of the Capitol Grounds from injury’’) and the Traffic Regulations for the United States Capitol Grounds when encountering snow sledders on the grounds.”

The rule change should come as welcome news to many in D.C., including Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, who wrote to the U.S. Capitol Police Board asking it to lift the sledding ban after a late-winter snow last March.

Although her request was denied, Capitol Police didn’t enforce the ban that day after some locals decided to hold a “sled-in” in protest.

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