By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Don’t let anybody say Kirk Cousins doesn’t love his receivers.

The Redskins quarterback was mic’d up for the team’s win against the Buffalo Bills Sunday, and now some of the highlights are available.

Among the highlights are Cousins praising his receivers on numerous occasions and the exchange he has with offensive coordinator Sean McVay, who Cousins essentially tells to get more aggressive.

In the first minute of the video, Cousins’ touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon, and post-score celebration, is shown. Cousins runs up to Garcon, who made a difficult grab right over a defender, screaming compliments at him.

“That’s all you! That’s all you! All you, 88,” Cousins jubilantly gushes to his receiver, who wears No. 88. “What a baller! What a baller! You guys are the best!”

Later, after the signal caller finds DeSean Jackson for a big gain that Jackson turns into a huge gain and a touchdown, Cousins runs around the field for several seconds, high-fiving teammates and screaming, “yeah!” over and over.

Four “yeahs!” are captured between the throw and Cousins rendezvousing with Jackson, then Cousins yells to his triumphant receiver, “You’re the best!”

“You’re the best! You are the best,” he screams, positively giddy, laughing as he runs off the field, pointing to Jackson. “This guy! This guy! How good is he?”

Jackson, who had six catches for 153 yards and a touchdown, is pretty good.

The next clip, which seems to be immediately after the Jackson touchdown, shows Cousins approach McVay on the bench to discuss the frequency of plays designed to get Jackson the ball.

“Look at what putting our foot on the gas pedal the whole time has done,” the quarterback tells the offensive coordinator.

“That’s what we did last week, too,” McVay says. The Redskins won both games, scoring a combined 59 points — it was the first time all season Washington had scored at least 24 points in back-to-back games. “I’m gonna keep doing that. I’m learning, too.”

“Basically, man, it’s like the first seven or eight games it was like we don’t want to put it all on me because I’m new,” Cousins said. “But now that we’re doing that, it’s been our best shot.”

Cousins previously said on Grant and Danny on 106.7 The Fan that he wants to try more “opportunity throws” — basically jump balls to his receivers — so it’s perhaps not a surprise to hear Cousins ask for more responsibility and aggressive play-calling.

Between that and his constant, almost overbearing praise for his receivers, it’s a stark change from the days of rumored strife between former starting quarterback Robert Griffin III and his teammates, and even more so from the relationship Griffin had with the Redskins coaching staff

Considering things are going well for the Redskins, who can clinch the NFC East crown with a win at Philadelphia on Saturday, Cousins’ advice for McVay seems unlikely to stir up any controversy. If Washington was mired in a losing streak during a lost season, however, those comments would be sure to draw some negative attention.

Check out the video, it’s certainly worth a watch and it gives further insight into how Cousins is quickly winning over both the Redskins organization and its fanbase.

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