WASHINGTON — A nearly $400 million down payment has been secured for construction of the new FBI headquarters, thanks to Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski. 

But does that mean the agency will say no to relocating to Virginia?

“This was a real struggle to get the money in the federal checkbook,” Sen. Mikulski says. “This is no small matter.”

For Sen. Mikulski the struggle now shifts to lobbying the FBI to build its new consolidated headquarters in Maryland because even though she secured the $390 million, there’s no guarantee the agency won’t pass on sites in Prince George’s County and choose Springfield, Virginia instead.

“Not only is it the right location with 15 Metro stops, but also because Prince George’s County would represent a national security corridor,” Sen. Mikulski says.

But she’s hopeful her efforts will pay off.

“It’s very important that when they make the final decision in November as to where the new FBI [headquarters] will go, Maryland will be at the head of the line,” Sen. Mikulski says.

The potential sites in Prince George’s County are in Greenbelt and Landover.

“I’ve been very frustrated over the years that Prince George’s County has often been overlooked and undervalued,” Sen. Mikulski says.

But the retiring senator can only hope the funds she helped secure for the project will be spent in her home state because the money will be awarded to wherever the new headquarters is built.

WNEW’s Chuck Carroll contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.


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