BALTIMORE — In today’s Facebook and Instagram world, fewer people are taking the time to mail out holiday cards.

But 85-year-old Dorothy Pula Strohecker of Baltimore County wouldn’t have it any other way. This week, she put 200 Christmas cards in the mail to friends and family.

Strohecker says she has a cellphone for emergencies but she doesn’t text and doesn’t Facetime, and says she doesn’t have a desire to do either.

She says this is a tradition she is not about to give up.

“My husband and I have been married for 63 years, so we have been sending them for 63 years,” Strohecker says. “I was certainly sending them before that.”

Strohecker disapproves of the amount of time she says her children and grandchildren spend on their phones and computers.

“I approve of them, but I don’t approve of that… I think it’s dehumanizing,” Strohecker says.

The United States Postal Service started reporting a decline in people sending out holiday cards around seven years ago, with surveys showing people were likely to drop the tradition due to time constraints and cost.

WNEW’s Jenny Glick contributed to this report. Follow her and WNEW on Twitter.