by Brian Tinsman

NEW ORLEANS — Kobe Bryant perfected the fadeaway jumper in Los Angeles. It may be time for John Wall to slap a trademark on the run-away jumper in Washington.

In the third quarter of Friday’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans, while in the act of being fouled, Wall had the good sense to wrap around his defender and fire off a no-look shot. The worst that could happen is he missed, decreasing his career-high 44.7 percent season field goal shooting by a fraction of a percent.

The only thing was, he was heading perpendicular to the backboard away, away from the hoop.

And it went in.

And one.

Twitter had the highlight Vines (via @adammcginnis and @WashWizards):

The subsequent free throw went in, creating a three-point play that put the Wizards back in front after trailing by one at halftime.


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