LARGO, Md. — With winter coming, there’s a rush to fill about 200 construction jobs at the MGM Casino at the National Harbor.

“We’re just about finished putting the roof up and we want to have it done before it starts snowing,” says Jim Coleman, CEO of Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation.

Once the roof is in place, MGM will need workers to transform the inside into a $1.25 billion touch of Vegas.

“Carpentry work, painting, dry wall, stone work, tile work. These salaries range from 20 dollars, up to nearly 27 dollars an hour,” Coleman says.

Coleman says with the right help, the casino can stay on track to open late next year.

MGM is also looking to fill high-level positions, including an executive entertainment director, executive director of finance and executive director of sales. Some of these executive level positions come with six-figure salaries, which Coleman hopes will go to Prince George’s County residents.

“What we’re trying to do is drive the median household income up here in Prince George’s County. Right now we’re at $72,000…but we want to do better than our neighbors. Our neighbors right now at about $98,000 over in Montgomery County.

And what if you’re looking to shuffle up and be a dealer?

Those positions start off at about $60,000 per year and won’t be filled until closer to the casino opening.

A total of about 4,000 jobs will be available, including the construction positions.

Those interested in construction jobs should contact the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation. Casino positions can be found on MGM National Harbor’s hiring website.

WNEW’s Chuck Carroll contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.


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