WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said when it comes to the armed forces that people should “deal with the transgender thing somewhere else.”

Speaking at a veterans’ town hall in Iowa, Carson said that he does “not appreciate using our military as a laboratory for social experimentation,” among other crucial aspects of military life.

“The last thing that we need to be doing is saying what would it be like if we introduced several transgender people into this platoon,” he said. “Give me a break. Deal with the transgender thing somewhere else.”

Carson also voiced his support for the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

“I liked the old ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ philosophy,” he said. “Why do you have to go around flaunting your sexuality? It’s not necessary. You don’t need to talk about that. We need to talk about how we eliminate the enemy.”

Carson also discussed women in the military saying he is “very frightened” when it comes to certain job descriptions.  He said it’s important to keep strict standards for certain roles and that as long as women meet those standards and have the desire to serve, they would never be denied.

“If they want to do it and they’re capable of it, no problem … but I would be steadfast about the requirements,” he said.


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