BALTIMORE — Across our region, scores of men are saying “sayonara” to their mustaches as fundraising campaigns come to a close.

Pranav Saha grew his first “Mustache for Kids” in Baltimore eight years ago. Saha says the mustache is not supposed to be “attractive.”

“We grow a corner to corner mustache, so it’s not stylish at all,” Saha says. “So when you see your friends, you see your co-workers, you see your family, it will start a conversation.”

That’s when the so-called “growers” make their pitch — to donate money for Baltimore City Schools at A similar campaign from the DC Chapter of Mustaches for Kids has raised more than $56,000 this year alone to benefit Children’s National Medical Center.

Men across our region have also been growing mustaches during the month of November for Movember to benefit men’s health.

To date, the Baltimore chapter of Mustaches for Kids has raised $250,000 over the past eight years.

Saha says the mustaches are silly, but worth it.

“At the end of four weeks we are all ready for it to be over, but its a fun four weeks,” Saha says.

WNEW’s Jenny Glick contributed to this report. Follow her and WNEW on Twitter.


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