WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton according to TheWrap have many celebrities as supporters. Many more A-list celebrities are coming out in support of Sanders.

The Doors drummer John Densmore said, “I witnessed 20,000 people screaming for this guy at the L.A. Sports Arena and he wasn’t even wearing leather pants. Here was a 73-year-old disheveled Vermont independent senator packing up a stadium. I knew something was happening.” He was so impressed by Sanders that he turned a screening of his film into a fundraiser for the Democratic presidential candidate.

He said, “Bernie kept the donations to $15, which is the way he does it. We got 500 people and they responded very strongly.”

Even actor Ryan Gosling tweeted out a video of support to Sanders. The tweet to Goslings 2 million followers said, “For my birthday…Could you do me a solid and pass this around?”


Many that support Sanders believe he has captured the attention of Hollywood millennials. The Senator’s list of supporters continues to grow, which include Will Ferrell, Danny DeVito, Susan Sarandon, Sarah Silverman and many more.

Comedian Margaret Cho is impressed by both Sanders and Clinton and said, “My hope is that Bernie and Hillary run together, to present a united front against bigotry and ignorance, which is all I see from the right. I support both of them. We need everything we can get right now.”