By Courtney Pomeroy

WASHINGTON — A twinkling Christmas tree, gifts wrapped in brightly-colored paper and stockings stuffed with goodies are integral elements of an idyllic holiday.

While it’s easy enough to order all of those things online with just a few clicks, it’s a little trickier if an authentic, fragrant Fraser fir is what you’re after, as opposed to an artificial tree.

But if you live inside the Capital Beltway, a new startup company is making it easier this holiday season.

Benjamin Sisko is the founder of DC Tree Delivery, which he says will make it simpler for District residents to deck their halls.

“I’ve lived in Washington, D.C. for nearly seven years and noticed that most of my friends were either too busy or didn’t have the means to get a Christmas tree into their home,” he says.

“Some people are professionals who simply don’t have time to get a tree, other folks… don’t have a car and don’t have the ability to go out to a farm and cut their own or pick it up at a lot in town, but a lot of our customers are also retired and so, they’d love to have a real tree in their home but they just don’t have the ability to set one up. It’s a lot of heavy lifting, and they’ve been the ones who have really shown some of the most support.”

No matter the problem, DC Tree Delivery is the solution, Sisko says.

His trees will all be from the family-owned Hickory Hill Tree Farm, just north of Baltimore.

“This year we’re offering 7-foot trees that are great for larger houses or apartments, we have 4-foot trees that are perfect for shared spaces or studios and, on top of that, the tree stand, the delivery and set-up are all included.”

They’ll even vacuum up the needles, make sure there’s enough water in the tree stand and leave behind some helpful tree care information.

The 4-foot trees are $75 and the 7-foot trees are $100.

The company will deliver anywhere within the Capital Beltway on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting on Nov. 28. Customers can choose a delivery date and time window when they check out on

Sisko, who grew up in New England and cut down a Christmas tree with his family every year growing up, is well aware that a lot of people opt to buy artificial trees for the sake of convenience, “but we think that there’s just something a little bit more magical about having a real tree in your house,” he says.

And he hopes his company will make that magic a little more attainable.

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