WASHINGTON — Capitals forward Brooks Laich explained why he’s not following teammates Michael Latta and Tom Wilson on Instagram, despite them clamoring for his social media attention.

Caps blog Russian Machine Never Breaks recently covered Latta and Wilson’s yearning for Laich’s approval, headlining a blog post: “Tom Wilson and Michael Latta Are Begging Brooks Laich to Follow Them on Instagram.”

It was there they screen grabbed the fourth-liners literally begging Laich for a follow in his Instagram comments section, a highlight from which includes this comment from Wilson: “Still waitin on a follow back from the left winger of the hottest line in hockey.”

Laich was asked Wednesday by The Junkies on 106.7 The Fan why he’s given his linemates the cold shoulder.

“Is that honestly a headline? I had no idea,” Laich said with uncontrollable laughter. “That is awesome. I had no idea about that ’til you just asked me. I know that they’ve been on me.”

“So the only reason I got Instagram was because my fiancée, then-girlfriend at the time [Julianne Hough], would tag me in photos and it would go to a dead link, and people would always tell her, like, ‘Hey, that’s a dead link,'” he explained. “So she just asked me if I could get one so she could just tag me in stuff. So I said okay, so I got one, and then I started to use it a little bit. But I don’t really follow, like what people do on there or whatever. I’m not that interested in that sort of thing.”

“Your teammates are begging you to follow them and you’re just disrespecting them!” said Junkies co-host John Auville.

“You can ask these two about this, this is the God’s honest truth,” Laich said. “I had invited both of those guys over for supper last night. I was going to barbecue for ’em, put on a little surf and turf for ’em. We were going to watch the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ finale, because they’re big fans of the show as well. And I told Julianne this, I was going to follow both of those cats on Instagram yesterday and just make their day.

“That’s what I had planned, that’s the God’s honest truth. It didn’t work out where they could come for supper. Tom has friends in town, so I understand that. But they’re getting close, they’re getting real close.  I love those two guys. They’re a lot of fun every day. I know it means a lot to them, so I’ll probably have to follow them.”

As of this writing, Laich is still following one person, his fiancée. What a cruel, cruel tale of rejection.

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