ROCKVILLE, Md. — As a growing number of governors, including Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, say they do not want Syrian refugees entering their states, Sen. Ben Cardin says he wants the doors to Maryland to stay open.

WNEW’s Chuck Carroll interviewed Cardin shortly before Hogan announced he is asking federal authorities to stop bringing refugees to Maryland.

An estimated 500,000 refugees fleeing Syria are overwhelming resources in Europe, including in France where officials say one ISIS terrorist posing as a refugee slipped through the border and helped carry out the recent attacks in Paris.

But Cardin feels barring refugees from entering the U.S. is not the answer.

“We’re not going to let the terrorist win by changing the way that we have an open society,” Cardin says. “We have homegrown terrorists in America, we have people that have turned for various reasons. So there’s always a risk factor.”

Cardin thinks the chance of a terrorist slipping into the U.S. is extremely small.

Applicants are scrutinized by multiple agencies in a lengthy process he says is superior to the ones in place overseas.

“I don’t think people will slip through our vetting process,” Cardin says.

Maryland’s seven processing centers are all located in the Baltimore-Washington region.

WNEW’s Chuck Carroll contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.