WASHINGTON — The FBI’s 2014 Hate Crime Statistics report says most known offenses were committed by white people and were based on the offenders’ racial bias.

A smaller percentage were based, respectively, on bias of sexual-orientation (18.7 percent), religion (17.1 percent), ethnicity (12.3 percent), gender identity (1.6 percent), disability (1.4 percent) and gender (0.6 percent).

Of the 4,048 hate-related offenses classified as crimes against a person in 2014, intimidation accounted for 43.1 percent, simple assault accounted for 37.4 percent, and aggravated assault for 19 percent.

Four murders and nine rapes — all nine from agencies that collected data using the new definition of rape, revised by the Uniform Crime Reporting Program in 2013 — were also reported as hate crimes.

There were 2,317 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against property, including robbery, burglary, theft and arson.

Of the 5,192 known offenders, 52 percent were white, and 23.2 percent were black or African-American.

Other races accounted for the remaining known offenders: 1.1 percent were American Indian or Alaska Native; 0.8 percent were Asian; less than 0.1 percent were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; and 6.9 percent were of a group of multiple races. The race was unknown for 16 percent of offenders.

The race was unknown for an additional 16 percent.

Nearly 15,500 law enforcement agencies submitted data for the report.

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