WASHINGTON — Baltimore-based sportswear company Under Armour says it didn’t forget about women and girls when rolling out its new Star Wars line this week — those items are just coming to the site later.

But the company received some negative feedback when customers saw that everything included in the initial roll out of the new gear was labeled as either “men’s” or “kids'” on the website.

Customers also wrote on the Under Armour Facebook page.

“Serious fail,” wrote Whitney Withers.

“No Star Wars for women/girls…but now, ‘oh, we’re going to have more stuff’?’ Clearly if females were anything more than a secondary consideration they would have been every bit as important to the initial rollout. They weren’t. That speaks volumes.”

Katalin Byker wrote that she was disappointed with the roll out and will reconsider her brand loyalty if she doesn’t see a women’s Star Wars line.

“My single mom raised me on Star Wars movie marathons,” Byker writes.

“She still has the box set from the nineties. I waited over 12 hours in line to get tickets for her and I to see Revenge of the Sith. Under Armour is a sexist clothing brand.”

Under Armour also faced criticism earlier this year for a “Band of Ballers” shirt logo featuring four basketball players lifting up a hoop in the same manner of the iconic picture of the flag raising after the Battle of Iwo Jima.

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