LOS ANGELES (CBS)James Corden is known for his carpool karaoke during “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

Last night, Corden along with singer Jason Derulo, sat inside of a black SUV and started off discussing why Derulo didn’t get in until 6 a.m.

After that conversation, Corden went right into singing “Talk Dirty” by Derulo. When the song ended Corden asked about talking dirty during sex. Derulo openly admitted that during his younger days he never spoke during sex and Corden said so you were a, “Silent Derulo.” Jason told Corden that one woman told him it was weird that he never said anything and since then he decided to be more vocal during bedroom activities.

Next song they rocked out together was “Want To Want Me.” Corden hit every high note as Derulo sang along with him. Corden found out that Derulo turned down being on Broadway and sings opera, Derulo said, “I studied classic music my whole life.” He then showed off some of his opera vocal skills, impressing Corden.

The next song the team sang was “Wiggle” and Corden explained to Derulo that he needed help with some of his moves. They pull over into a parking lot where Derulo teaches Corden how to dance when he goes  out. 

They proceed to two step, dab and then Corden and Derulo hop on a Stars Tour bus rocking out to “Talk Dirty.” 

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