WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — The FBI is reportedly warning police departments across the United States about a possible anarchist group’s plot to ambush cops on Halloween.

CBS News reports the National Liberation Militia proposed a “Halloween Revolt” targeting cops. The FBI said the extremist group is encouraging supporters “to cause a disturbance to attract police and then viciously attack them,” according to the New York Post.

The agency warns that the anarchist group wants its supporters to wear Halloween masks and use bricks, bottles and firearms against police.

The New York Post reports that the NYPD is monitoring the situation, but there is no specific threat.

In 1999, anarchists were blamed for the “Battle of Seattle” during a World Trade Organization meeting.

One of the anarchists spoke to “60 Minutes” about the incident.

“We want to pose a credible threat to the biggest, most powerful people in the world.”


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