ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Boats won’t be allowed back at the Annapolis City Dock until next spring as a major rehab project gets started.

(Credit: John Domen/NewsRadio 99.1)

(Credit: John Domen/NewsRadio 99.1)

The city dock is the most iconic area in downtown Annapolis, but if you take a close look at the dock itself, Annapolis Public Works Department head David Jerrell says the old bulk head is failing.

Starting Monday, the city is building a new bulk head in the water that carries boats down what is known as Ego Alley.

“You build a new one on the water side of the existing one,” Jerrell says. “When that’s all in place, then we’ll go in and fill in behind it.”

A new boardwalk will also go in place around parts of the dock. Boaters will find upgrades to the electrical systems they can plug into there when the work is done too.

All the work should be done in time for the spring boat show.

WNEW’s John Domen contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.


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