WASHINGTON — Pinkies up! A new report from the infotainment website Roadsnacks.net shows which Maryland cities are just a bit snootier than others.

The rankings are based on home prices, income, the percentage of the population with college degrees and the number of private schools, theaters and art galleries per capita.

It probably comes as no surprise that Bethesda, with a median home price of $805,900 and median household income of $141,817, comes in first on the list.

“Not only is Bethesda one of the highest paid communities in Maryland; it’s also THE most highly educated, with a whopping 84% of residents holding at least a college degree,” according to the site.

“Perhaps this has a little to do with the high number of private schools per capita here (the 8th most in the state), the smattering of theaters (the 5th most), or even the variety of galleries (the 9th most).”

The rest of the snooty cities are ranked as follows:

2. Chevy Chase

“This is primarily a little bedroom community for those who work and play in Washington D.C., but unlike most bedroom communities, this one is actually a whole lot wealthier than just about everyone else. Chevy Chase is where the truly wealthy from D.C. come home at the end of the day.

That being said, it doesn’t have nearly as many private schools, galleries, or theaters per capita as some of our other communities, as most residents can simply drive into D.C. for those snooty amenities.”

3. Rockville:

“Sure Rockville residents may not make the high salary of those in Chevy Chase—or even more impressive, in our next place—but $97,667 is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Plus, the expensive real estate prices here show us that A) this is a super desirable place to live, and B) people are willing to pay stupid high prices for homes even when they can’t exactly afford them in order to impress their friends and families.

Expensive homes aside, Rockville actually is a pretty cool place to live. You’ll be surrounded by well educated residents, an array of options for private schools, and of course, plenty of galleries for your weekend shmoozing.”

4. Potomac:

“…these people are pretty much just about the wealthiest in the nation.

Even more ridiculous is the median home price here: $871,400. This is the highest median home price in the state, and likely one of the highest in the country.

So what’s all the fuss about here? Why are people willing to pay so much to live in Potomac? Well, to start, it’s just a short commute to D.C. It’s also chock-full of private schools and well-educated residents, so you can have conversations about the important things. You know, politics in nearby D.C., work, family, and whose car is more expensive.”

5. Gaithersburg:

“Here’s how you know Maryland is a wealthy state: when a median household income of over $80,000 is only the 76th highest in the state, out of 183 places. Usually, we’d probably be seeing a number somewhere between around $40,000 or $50,000 for this kind of ranking. But no. Hats off to you, Maryland.

But back to Gaithersburg in particular. Even though residents make a median of “only” $81,178 per year here, the homes are still among the more expensive. There are also plenty of private schools here and nearby to choose from (the 11th most per capita), theaters (14th most), and art galleries (18th most)…”

6. Ellicott City:

“Since 2005, Ellicott City has been ranked four times among the top “20 Best Places to Live in the United States” by Money and CNNMoney.com. Another fun fact! You probably can’t afford it!

Just kidding. If you happen to make about $115K a year, you can totally afford Ellicott City. But why would you want to? We’ll tell you why! The downtown area (Historic Ellicott City) is adorable. The homes—beautiful. Plus, all of your neighbors will be rich and equally well-educated, so when you complain about your Porsche being in the shop, you’ll have a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.”

7. Darnestown:

“Darnestown residents certainly are educated. These guys have the 7th most college grads in the state. It’s no coincidence that they’re also making the second highest salary in the state. Hate to say it, but usually, a better education, leads to more money.”

8. Silver Spring:

“Residents may not make the high dollars that they do in some other places in the state, but that certainly doesn’t stop homes from being among the top 20 most expensive. Folks here are well educated and seem to have a rich culture filled with art galleries and theaters.”

9. Annapolis:

“Just like Silver Spring, Annapolis residents are not some of the best paid. In fact, they just ranked number 105 here. BUT, don’t let a humble (not humble at all, really) salary fool you! These guys are plenty snobby—and for good reason.

Their homes are pricey, they have private schools coming out their… neighborhoods, but more than that, Annapolis has some of the most art galleries and theaters per capita in Maryland—the third and second most, respectively.”

10. North Bethesda:

“Wrapping up the list is North Bethesda, the slightly less snobby version of Bethesda. While residents are still paid pretty well, they’re not making as much in regular old Bethesda; nor are the homes as expensive. Still, though, $494,200 is much higher than the national median home price of $188,900.

Plus, NoBeth has some of the most college degree-holders in Maryland.”

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