by Jenny Glick

by Jenny Glick

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — At Bates Middle School in Annapolis, students learn how planets rotate through movement.

The school saw a sharp drop in disciplinary problems and a spike in test scores after embracing an arts integration curriculum.

This school year, Prince George’s County Public Schools has expanded its commitment to integrating arts in learning.

This year, 41 schools have added arts into traditional textbook taught classes like English and Math. Arts Integration Officer John Ceschini says their five year plan is to bring arts integration all of their schools.

Sandra Ruppert, Director of the Arts Education partnership says its easier than you might think.

She says drama can be brought into English classes, and quilting is a great way to learn geometry. And often times, an arts teacher can help core subject teachers think about ways to demonstrate concepts.

“For example, using the construction of a mobile, to understand balance and perspective.”

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