WASHINGTON (CBSDC)– Jon Stewart spent 16 years hosting and producing “The Daily Show,” but just two months after retiring he says he doesn’t miss it.

Stewart and his wife, Tracy, welcomed CBS News to their New Jersey property and talked life after stepping away from the show.

“Do you miss it, the way people miss you?” “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King asked Stewart.

“I miss the people that I worked with, because, you know– and so we email,” Stewart said. “And we bitmoji back and forth.”

And while the comedian would have had more than enough material to work with amid an anything-but-boring presidential campaign for 2016, Stewart says he doesn’t miss working on the show at all.

“Because I feel like I completed it. It’s when you feel like you complete a project to the best of your ability. When you’ve done the best that you think you’re able to do. …So I can’t regret. All I can do now is be happy that I had that opportunity,” Stewart told CBS News. “The joy is in creating it, in growing it, in evolving it. Maintaining it is the part that when it becomes rote or redundant, then you feel like, ‘Well, I’m not really adding a lot of value to this anymore, am I?'”

Stewart’s days are now spent settling into a new daily routine, like taking the kids to school.

“I pick ’em up. I go to the car wash. I get smoothies. I call [Tracey] on the road and be like, ‘I’m eatin’ a slice in the car,’ you know,” Stewart said.

Stewart says he still remains active in writing and working, but that’s now just a part of his life, not his whole life.

“It’s not like I don’t feel productive or creative. But I feel like my life is– now it’s, rather than just painting with three colors, I get to have all. I get to get the whole thing now,” Stewart said.

“There’s no way you don’t miss us, Jon. Just, you’re so damn quick and so damn funny. But you seem very content,” King added.

“I’m surrounded by manure, man,” Stewart said. “What could be better than that?”