WASHINGTON — Like many commuters in our region, Ryan Honick rides Metrorail on a daily basis – the only difference being his service dog Pico comes along with him.

“He helps me with the day-to-day tasks, like picking up the things I drop. That’s a big one,” Honick says.

He and Pico usually enter and exit through the emergency gates for safety reasons, but last week he ran into trouble when he tried to use the emergency gates to exit the Eisenhower stop.

Honick says a Metro worker told him he was not allowed to use the gate. He wound up waiting 30 minutes for a supervisor and was eventually let through.

The issue inspired him to reach out to Metro board members on social media to Metro board members.

On Monday, WMATA got back to him saying they change their policy.

“I think this is a very clear case of the power of social media to effect change,” Hornick says.

WNEW’s Jim MacKay contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.


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