SUITLAND, Md. — Prince George’s County Schools are in need of millions of dollars of repairs and local officials are asking the state for help.

Maryland’s top money man came down from Annapolis Tuesday to take a tour of one of the high schools most in need of renovations.

“This is a great school but it’s very old and it needs to be completely renovated,” says Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot.

The years have not been kind to 60-year-old Suitland High School where the wear and tear was on display as Franchot toured the sprawling facility with local officials.

Franchot says fixing up this school is a priority, but is just one of dozens in need of renovations.

“We’re picking out the schools that are particularly deserving of maintenance and renovation,” Franchot says.

Although quick to boast about the internationally renowned performers who attended Suitland High School, County Executive Rushern Baker says drama students are suffering from and antiquated and run down auditorium.

(Credit: Chuck Carroll/NewsRadio 99.1)

(Credit: Chuck Carroll/NewsRadio 99.1)

“They can’t perform right here on campus,” Baker says. “They’ve gotta go to the Kennedy Center or the University of Maryland.”

Baker says the cost will be spread out over time.

“It’s billions of dollars so what we’re trying to do is take little bites out of it,” Baker says. “We need the same type of match that we saw in Baltimore City, so we’re willing to put two of our dollars to one that we can get from the state.”

The list of schools in need of renovations and the amount of money being requested is expected sometime in November.

WNEW’s Chuck Carroll contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.