WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn’t agree with Forbes’ estimation of his net worth.

Trump has claimed that his net worth is more than $10 billion, but Forbes says it’s less than half that at $4.5 billion in its latest list of the 400 wealthiest Americans.

“I’m a private company,” Trump told CNBC. “I like the people at Forbes. They don’t really know my assets very well.”

Forbes estimates that Trump has $327 million in cash and cash equivalents, while The Donald claims he has $793 million.

“They’re wrong,” Trump told CNBC. “I have a lot of cash. I have hundreds of millions of dollars of cash.”

Trump also stated that Forbes doesn’t “give you any value for brand, and my brand is very valuable,” stating that he was signing a new branding deal worth “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“Our story speaks for itself,” Forbes Editor Randall Lane told CNBC.

Trump has been leading his GOP rivals in the national polls.


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