WASHINGTON — Goya Foods will donate 150,000 pounds of food to Catholic Charities in honor of Pope Francis visiting the United States, the company announced Monday.

President Robert Unanue says Goya will donate 50,000 pounds to each city the pope is visiting.

“That’s easily a meal for about 200,000 people,” Unanue says about the total donation.

The donation is a part of the Goya Gives campaign, an annual series of food donations from the company. Unanue says Goya donates about 2 to 3 million pounds of food every year, but this particular donation was inspired by the pope and the impact he has on people around the world.

“We want to honor the pope, who has also reached out to the church all over the globe,” Unanue says. “We’re just delighted to give a little bit of ourselves if we can.”

Unanue will read a verse from the gospel to the pope in New York on Friday.

“Just to be in his presence, and to be able to give him that gift, it’s just an incredible honor,” Unanue says.

WNEW’s Chuck Carroll contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.