(CBS Washington DC) – Looking for love and some new fashion tips?  TLC just might have the perfect show that can help you with both. Former “What Not To Wear” host Clinton Kelly and “Real World” alumni Devyn Simone are helping people find a significant other in the new show “Love at First Swipe.”

According to People Magazine, Kelly and Devyn will meet their client and analyze their fashion, then review their profile on a dating website.  After they help their client, they then will view 100 potential dates and get to pick one person to go on a date with.

In the sneak peak Paige is corky, fun and her dating profile is filled with goofy pictures and corny jokes.  Clinton says, “A lot of guys are looking at your profile thinking you’re just wacky all the time.” And “I don’t think you know the difference between quirky and kooky, and there is a big difference there.”

In the episode Paige, the client, became emotional about being single again and reveals that she has no idea how to date.  Devyn says, “We’re your team, and we’re here to help you get your balance back.”

Love at First Swipe premieres October 2 on TLC.